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Viral Launch Review - Does it worth the hype?

20 Feb 20 Thu 07:23
Home Reviews Viral Launch Review - Does it worth the hype?

viral launch pricing

The trend of online shopping has increased significantly in the past decade and more and more people from all over the world are now purchasing their favorite stuff online. The biggest reason behind this rising trend is that people now have a fast-paced life which means they are quite busy and they don’t have time to go to malls and buy stuff so they opt for online shopping.

But because of the reputed marketplace like amazon, even the people who have time are now turning to online shopping because it lets them compare the prices of different similar items offered by different merchants without much effort.

This trend has brought with itself big opportunities for those who are looking to run an online business and earn a fortune from home because whenever there are customers there are always great opportunities. However, people don’t just purchase stuff online from any marketplace. They always go for reputed and trusted ones like Amazon. This is why Amazon has become one of the best platforms for selling anything online.

The interesting thing about this platform is that in the beginning it was just a marketplace for selling online books but the owners anticipated the need for online shopping and started to expand their platform. Today, it has almost all types of categories consisting of millions of items. Hence, it has become a huge marketplace trusted by millions of shoppers as well as merchants. From a pair of socks to car wheels, you will find every type of item in this marketplace.

Because offering goods on this platform has become a popular way of earning a handsome amount without leaving your home, a lot of people are now joining Amazon as a merchant. This, in turn, has made it difficult to achieve success, especially for newbies. However, it is not impossible.

Many beginners have still managed to generate a high amount of sales and are earning huge income. Do you know how they did it? By operating smartly with the help of certain high-quality tools and software that are developed specifically for helping online merchants in improving their performance because they know they can’t afford even a single mistake in such a competitive environment.

Let us say, a merchant has introduced an item without analyzing whether it is desired by the purchasers or not. What will happen? If by luck it happens to be the one that shoppers are looking for, it might sell but what if it is not what they want? No matter how good it is, it won’t be able to generate sales. Imagine the loss! This is why tools like Viral Launch are important to use.

In this article, we will shed light on what characteristics this tool possesses and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is Viral Launch?

It isn’t just a single tool rather it is a toolset consisting of different tools and software designed for helping merchants with different elements of selling online successfully. These include viral launch market intelligence for examining trends, item finder for discovering the right goods, kinetic for effective PPC campaign and many more.

Whether you are looking for details such as average sales and amount of reviews etc. of different items or want to improve the content of your title and description to get better rank in search results, the toolset presents you quick results within the blink of an eye and help save you time and effort.

These outstanding features can either be used through the web app or you can install the plugin in your chrome web browser. They both consist of useful features that can help you operate more effectively. However, the web app has tools for a more thorough analysis.

Viral launch Packages

Since the toolset offers a number of features they can be accessed through different subscription plans. There are a total of 4 viral launch pricing plans for the different needs and requirements of different merchants.

The Beginner plan as the name suggests is curated for newbies and has the functions and tools that any beginner would need. It is actually ideal for any merchant who is about to launch a new item no matter beginner or expert. It consists of tools for discovering the perfect item, examining the trends of different items and keeping tabs on your competitors' goods (only 3 items). This plan is available for $48/month or if you are looking to save a few bucks you can purchase the annual subscription which is to be paid per year but costs $40/month.

The pro package costs $40/month while with the annual subscription it is $66 per month. This package is designed by keeping the requirements of emerging merchants or brands in mind. In addition to the tools offered by the beginner plan, it also consists of a tool for discovering appropriate keywords as well as one for creating perfect listings and a few more.

The next one is the brand builder tool and it is quite clear from the name it helps those brands who are looking to become leaders in their market segment. It can be purchased for $120/month or $100/month when paid annually. It has the same tools that the pro package has but the difference is that it allows more searches and products. For example, with the pro plan, you can track 2000 keywords whereas this number increases to 5000 in this plan.

Then comes the Kinectic package and it is ideal for the purpose of helping those who want to earn maximum profits through PPC campaigns. Available for $199/month, this package includes one additional feature compared to the pro or brand builder package which is the Kinect tool for improving PPC campaigns.

We saved the best one for the last; the free trial. Each package comes with a free trial that can be availed by creating an account.

Viral launch features

Believe us when we say that the app is loaded with features and tools that can help you in improving performance instantly. The aim of this toolset is to help every type of merchant and brand. Whether you are a newbie looking to introduce your first item, a seasoned seller trying to increase sales, an established brand eager to be the leader of industry or determined to get maximum profits through pay per click (PPC), this toolset has something for everyone.

Below are some of the most effective tools and features of this toolset.

  • Viral launch product discovery
  • Market Intelligence
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Listing Builder
  • Kinetic PPC


  • Viral launch product discovery

It is super clear from the name that this tool aids you in discovering the items that have the potential to perform well but before we talk about the wonders this efficient tool can do we will discuss why it is actually important to discover such items.

Whether you are selling an item as simple as a pair of socks or as big as LCD TV, every merchant wishes to generate as many sales as possible to maximize their income and revenue. Right? The first and most effective step for fulfilling this wish is to pick the item which is in demand but isn’t offered by too many merchants because shoppers are who will actually boost your sales so it goes without saying you should offer them something they really want.

The hunt for such items includes thoroughly examining the sales, reviews, rank, rating and other such stats of similar items and then deducing if the item is actually capable of producing high income for you or not.

Another advantage of analyzing these details is that you can discover the weak points of these items where the shoppers need improvements. This will allow you to understand the requirements of purchasers and you can modify your goods accordingly. This way you can easily convince the customers that your item really is the best among the lot.

So now back to the tool. With millions of goods in its database, the tool lets users find the details of any item and with the help of real-time data along with the historical data it provides you the most accurate and exact results. The results include sales, total reviews, revenue, etc. which makes it quite easy to conclude if the item is worth investing in or not. Hence, the tool lets you make an informed decision based on facts.

Users can also use filters such as the amount of reviews, average price, etc. to get more accurate results based on their requirements. For example, you are looking for the items that have more the 400 reviews and a selling price of around 135 dollars when you specify this in the app, it will only show you the items that match this criterion so that you don’t have to find such items yourself. The tool also notifies you when the demand of the item is increasing aggressively.

  • Market Intelligence

Viral Launch

This well-designed tool also helps you in determining the capacity of an item in terms of producing sales and income.

The search for the right item is not only limited to examining details such as average sales generated by different items rather it also involves predicting the sales and profit that it is expected to generate in the future. This tool brings you the estimated sales of any item so that you can easily judge its potential.

Secondly, before introducing any item you must also evaluate how much expenses will you have to pay and how much income or profit will you get after paying for all the costs. Because if the expected profits are less there item is not worth selling.

This tool has a profit calculator embedded in it which calculates all the costs that you have to pay for selling a particular item and shows you that estimated profit you will get on it. 

An important thing to remember here is that the estimations include FBA costs which consist of all the costs associated with selling that particular item; o the charges of storing your goods, their packaging and shipping. These costs vary according to the dimensions and weight of your goods.

Secondly, it also factors in the referral fee which is an amount that every merchant pays on the sale of every unit. It is determined on the basis of the category the item falls in. For most of the categories, it is 15% or below, however, a few categories such as clothing and accessories cost more.

Beside these costs, you must factor in the subscription cost which depends on the plan you choose individual or professional while evaluating the profits.

The perfect item for beginners is the one which is small in size, lightweight and doesn’t have the referral fee of more than 15% so that the initial investment is low.

This tool will also aid you in adjusting the price of your item to gain a competitive edge. With the help of sales and price trends this tool presents, you can figure out which prices are resulting in more sales.

Adjusting the prices of your goods will also help you in landing higher in search results. How? because shoppers always wish to purchase the goods with the most reasonable price so Amazon has designed its search algorithm in a way that ranks the best-priced items higher.

  • Keyword Research Tool

Before we talk about this tool let us discuss what are keywords and what is their purpose. You might have heard a lot about Amazon SEO in the past few years. This includes ranking your item higher in the search results of different queries of the shoppers by using those words and phrases in your listing content which the shoppers mostly use for searching such goods.

These might just be words but they have a great impact on your sales and revenues. These are mostly in the title and feature section of the goods and optimize your listings perfectly.

But why are search rankings affected by keywords? Simply because when buyers search for a particular item they want to see results that best match their search. Amazon determines which items are best matches based on the relevancy of keywords. This is why is it quite important to ensure that you are using the right ones. This tool is developed to help you in this regard.

One can say the tool is integrated with Amazon as it takes the data directly from it and brings you the most accurate results. It also offers a relevancy filter to save you time by narrowing down your research. This way you get only the most relevant words in the results. It will even show you that hidden keywords that other merchants are missing but can have a huge impact on the listing. 

Along with finding the most relevant phrases and words for your items it also tells you how many searches for those words have been made by shoppers. It is a great way to pick the most popular ones from the list and enhance your listings. Furthermore, it also lets you analyze the trends of search volume over a period of time so that you can keep track of which keywords are in-demand.

For providing the exact results the search algorithm of this tool takes into account important elements such as the amount of listings againgt every keyword as well as search volume.

The efficiency of this tool can be determined by the fact that it even digs into the keywords used in PPC, allowing you to analyze your competitors’ keywords.

  • Competitor Intelligence

The name says it all, this tool allows you to spy on your competitors so that help you understand their strengths, strategies and weaknesses and use these to gain an edge over them.

It is actually a reverse ASIN lookup tool that constantly monitors the listings of competitors and alerts the users whenever there is an increase or decrease in their rank. When they are performing well you can analyze them and use those keywords in your listings as well whereas when they go down it is the chance for you to identify the opportunities and grab them.

Users can also choose to get notifications whenever the rank of their own listing changes. This will help you figure out what startegies can help you perform well and which ones should you avoid.

Furthermore, the tool helps with choosing the right bidding amount for PPC, helping you save money as well as give send keyword notifications, etc.

  • Listing Analyzer

Listing Analyzer is a great tool for comparing your item to that of competitors. With the help of a detailed SWOT analysis, it shows you how your item is performing in terms of competition. You can then use these results to take the necessary actions for improving your performance.

Users can compare their sales, selling price and revenues etc. to that of best sellers and can get suggestions from the tool about what needs to be done in order to increase sales. This tool automatically finds the most appropriate keywords for your item as well.

  • Listing Builder

The app also offers another tool known as a listing builder which can be integrated with other tools such as listing analyzer for completely optimize your listings. It will create a listing for your goods that have the most appropriate keywords in it.

This tool has a pre-built feature that displays Listing Optimization Score. The tool also keeps an eye on used and unused words so that you don’t have to do this, while it also shows other important stats such as opportunity score and the amount of time a keyword has been searched by shoppers, etc.

  • Kinetic PPC

viral launch features

Available only through the kinetic package, this tool is among the latest features of the toolset. It lets you automate your PPC process. Running a PPC campaign can be quite time-consuming so this tool helps you save time and increase your profits. It lets you to create easy rules and provide the users access to detailed data so that they can examine their campaign more efficiently.


The extension is available as market intelligence and helps the users in determining the estimated sales of an item. It also lets them analyze the historical trends of any item and also calculates the referral and FBA fees for the item you use the extension on. The extension enables the users to examine all these results right on the page of the item.

Final Thoughts

Viral Launch is an extraordinary toolset that consist of tools for every need of online merchants. From helping you in choosing the right item through discovery tool or market intelligence and creating the perfect listings to bringing you the most suitable keywords for improving your listings through the keyword tool and running your PPC campaigns efficiently, this tool has everything you need.

Listing Analyzer is another great feature that can be used for comparing your item to that of competitors. It automatically conducts detailed SWOT analysis and shows you how your item stands against the competitors’ goods. You can then use these results to take the necessary actions for improving your performance.

Users can also calculate the expenses they have to pay and the profits they will get through a certain item beforehand. These stats play a major role in determining the potential of an item. A chrome plugin of market intelligence is also available.

The tool offers four subscription packages each designed for different types of merchants. The beginner package is for newbies launching their very first item while the pro package is ideal for the experienced ones trying to improve their sales. Brand builder is curated for the brands thinking big and trying to be leaders of their market. Lastly, the Kinect package is for those that are serious about generating profits through PPC. All of these packages come with a free trial which can simply be availed by signing up.


Q: Can I use the free trial?

A: The toolset comes with four subscription packages and each package offers a free trial. You can first decide which package you want to test and then sign up for the free trial.

Q: Is it an effective tool?

A: Yes, it is definitely a great tool for those selling something online as it lets you optimize your listings by finding the most appropriate keywords and discovers the best opportunities for you. You can also spy on your competitors through this tool.

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