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The Ultimate Merchant Words Review

20 Mar 20 Fri 16:45
Home Reviews The Ultimate Merchant Words Review
What is MerchantWords?
MerchantWords Pricing
MerchantWords Services
Final Thoughts
Frequently Asked Questions

In this article we will give a review of the website/Amazon business tool called Merchant Words. At you can search keywords and get back analysis of their rankings on Amazon, as well as a whole slew of other tools. Merchant Words is one of the most powerful and easy to use keyword search engines/databases that exists.

It uses real data from Amazon shoppers and organizes it effectively for Amazon businesses to use for their advantage. The tools on Merchant Words makes targeted ecommerce campaigns a breeze. One of the best things about the MerchantWords website is how easy it is to use and how you can seamlessly transition from using one of the tools to another. If you want to learn more about what the Merchant Words service can do for you, keep reading.

how to use merchant words

What is MerchantWords?

MerchantWords is a database of keywords, specifically amazon shopper keywords. This is valuable information for those in ecommerce because it allows you to see exactly what it is that shoppers are searching for, so you can tailor your marketing outreach towards those products and services relevant to those keywords. MerchantWords is most helpful when creating product listings. It is very easy to use and makes it easy to determine which keywords you should focus on.

This database of keywords is pulled directly from the search history of real amazon shoppers and gives you an accurate look at what consumers are buying. MerchantWords was first founded in 2012 and has expanded rapidly to help thousands of businesses worldwide. Among the tools that are included with MerchantWords in addition to the full database of keywords is research to help with optimization, keyword analysis, and more. One of the things that people love most about MerchantsWords is how easy it is to use. Now that we have answered the question, “What is MerchantWords”, keep reading for more details about the tools included and the pricing.

MerchantWords Pricing

MerchantWords is a paid service and there are three different levels of pricing. Each level will unlock new perks. In this section of the article we will go over MerchantWords pricing. The three levels are Silver, Gold, and Platinum. There are certain promotions where you can get a free month, such as two months free when you purchase the plan as an annual package. Another promotion allows you to get a certain number of bonus reports per month for each plan. 

  • Silver $29/month
  • Gold $79/month
  • Platinum $149/mo

MerchantWords Services

In this section of the article we will go over the complete list of services that are offered by Merchant Words. If you decide to use Merchant Words you are going to want to use all of these services so that you can make the most out of your monthly subscription. All of the services that are offered by the website are located on the left of the screen in a convenient navigation bar. The website is very responsive and incredibly easy to navigate your way through. These services are used by a variety of businesses and make creating Amazon marketing projects a breeze by simplifying choosing which keywords to hone in on. Here is a list of the total services offered by the MerchantWords platform.

Listing Advisor

The listing advisor helps to partially automate the process of making a listing, and it precisely places each keyword in the best possible position for SEO ranking. The listing advisor has analyzed the results of keyword searches and determines the best keywords and placement for optimizing your products’ ranking among the search results. The goal of the listing advisor service to help grow organic traffic to the Amazon product page through targeted keywords in the listing of the product. Using the right keywords in the product listing is essential to landing high among the results in the search ranking to make a sale.

Merchant Words will not only help you determine which products to sell, but it will also help you determine which keywords will be most beneficial to focus the SEO campaign towards in order to drive traffic. Knowing what people are searching for and by what number is a great way to target your Amazon marketing campaign for the most profitable results. Merchant Words takes the guesswork out of creating keyword rich Amazon listings. The listing advisor can create the entire title and listing body of your product all with the end goal of leading towards higher conversion. You will be matched with a writer that matches your brand and they will learn all about your company before getting started. They will do thorough research and then create an SEO-driven listing that looks great and increases to your webpages for improved conversion.


One of the services on the Merchant Words that is available to all of the users is the Collections tool. This tool works by allowing you to save keywords, or groups of keywords, together in the Collections section of the website for later use. This tool is very handy for doing research and saving your results for later. From the collections page you can take several other actions on the keywords. Adding and deleting collections from the Collections tab on the website is incredibly easy and can be done with a press of a button.

This way you will not look up some keywords and forget about them. If you are planning a campaign you can group the keywords together within a Collection for when you are ready to use them. If you want to keep track of keywords that you come across for titles and listings for your Amazon product listings this is also a place where you can keep them. You can use the Collections tool in many different ways for your business.

You can create a new collection directly from the Collections page on the website or you can create and save a keyword to a collection from the search page. The design of the website is very user-friendly. The amount of collections that you will be allowed will depend on which level of subscription you purchase. The Silver plan allows you to have 10 collections, the Gold plan allows you to have 100 collections, while the Platinum plan gives you 1000 collections, which is more than most people will need.

merchant words

Classic Search

The classic tool is easy to access from the side navigation bar. You can also type in a keyword directly from the homepage of the website. You can select which marketplace you would like to search (the marketplace you can search is limited by which plan you have), and then type in the keyword and go. There are lots of filters on the classic search that allows you to cut through the fluff and get to the high-value keywords that you want for your business.

It will come up with an easy to understand list of data. For analysis, many like to simply copy the first page of results for the best keyword phrases, for you can also easily copy all of the keywords at once. From the classic search tool you can use these keywords to build your titles and listings, or you save them to a collection for later use in one of your marketing campaigns. There are a few different things that will be displayed when you search a keyword in the classic search tool. Here is further explanation of what each of these terms mean.

Amazon Search Volume

The Amazon Search Volume is the first number that is displayed to the right of the keyword. This number indicates how many people search for that keyword on Amazon monthly. This is a very useful tool in determining how many people are shopping for that product and what keywords to focus on when marketing the product.


The depth of the keyword is referring to how many other keywords show up in the search bar when the shopper begins to type in the keyword. For example, if the keyword pops up in the search bar of Amazon after the shopper has typed only the first three letters of the product, then the depth number for that keyword is a “three”. This is another good indicator of how popular this keyword is and how often people are likely to click on it when they are shopping.

When you are doing a keyword campaign you may want to stick to long form keywords and other keywords that do not have a lot of competition. If the keyword ranks super high in the depth category that means that there will be a lot of competition for your product among the other products listed for this keyword. The goal is for your product to be the best product and the best marketing product among those that are displayed for relevant keywords.

There is a depth filter included with the classic search tool which is awesome for helping you to very easily find long tail keywords that are less used so that your products will not get lost among the competitions. The lower the competition for a keyword, the higher the opportunity for you. Like the other tools on this website, the depth tool is very user-friendly and is very valuable in terms of finding the best keywords fast.


There is valuable information to be found in the seasonality column of the Merchant Words classic search page as well. The third row over from the keyword, the seasonality section has terms such as evergreen, brand new, and seasonal. These phrases mean exactly how they sound. The evergreen label means that the rankings for this keyword are pretty stable all year round.

Certain industries have off and on seasons and the keywords may fall out of search during those months of the off season. These products are listed as seasonal. For new keywords that are suddenly emerging in the market, they are labeling brand new . For the brand new keywords it is a good idea to run a preliminary campaign to see how these new markets or keywords work for you, since there will not be a lot of existing data about them.

Dominant Categories

This section of the search results is fairly simple. The dominant categories section will indicate which category on Amazon these searched keywords usually fall under. If the keyword is for cellphones or drones it will fall under the electronics technology, for example.

Merchant Words

Keyword Multiplier

The Kx on the sidebar stands for Keyword Multiplier and if you click here you will open up the Keyword Multiplier part of the website. You can use this tool to search for synonyms for a keyword, or alternatives for the same keyword. When you search for a keyword in the keyword multiplier you will get back a very useful list of keywords that shows other ways that the item is searched for, such as that same keyword in Spanish or with slight spelling differences, etc.

There is slang for products that exist only in certain countries, and using the keyword multiplier can help you find keywords for markets that you otherwise would never know about and would be missing out on. The keyword multiplier is just one of the useful tools on the Merchant Words website. You can filter out whether you want to see misspelled searches or not as well. You can select multiple keywords at once from the keyword multiplier and copy them into your campaign.

Page 1 Products

The Page 1 products page of the Merchant Words website is very useful for determining how popular a product is. You can search by keyword in the page 1 products tools and come up with a list of the best-selling products. The products in the page 1 products tool listings will be sorted according to what filters you have put in place and will show such valuable information such as whether or not the product has Amazon’s choice, what the star rating is for the product, how many reviews the product has, what the price of the Amazon product is, and what ranking that product is in the search results for that particular keyword.

It will list the ASIN number for each of the products so that you can easily copy and paste them for your own use. There is a magnifying glass tool that allows you to search for the products on Amazon and Walmart as well. This makes it easy to create your campaigns based around the results of your research using Merchant Words. Analyzing the results of the data will help you from making mistakes when choosing which products to promote.

Other numbers that are displayed when you use this tool is the number of products that come up for that keyword, what the highest and lowest price is for that keyword, what the average price is, and what the minimum and maximum amount of reviews are for products related to that keyword on Amazon. All of this information can be applied directly to your campaigns to make your business strategy and content more targeted for conversion.

Asin Plus

The reverse ASIN tool allows you to search using the ASIN number, or the number that is associated with an Amazon product. You can click on an ASIN number from the classic search tool on the Merchant Words website and it will automatically bring up the ASIN plus page, which is a reverse search of that product that produces a list of relevant keywords.

When you use this tool you get a lot of new information about the product, including what the best keywords are. This tool lets you see what your competitor is doing, and what is working for them, and then you can base your marketing strategy around that. There are multiple filters that you can apply while using the reverse search to see specified data.

Using the ASIN plus tool is a good tool for figuring out what keywords are driving sales for your competitors. Seeing what is working for other people can give you a good idea of what can work for you, what markets are oversaturated, and more keywords that you can use for your product. You can filter by reviews, results, or whether or not it is “Amazon’s Choice”. Currently this tool allows you to view results from the American and UK markets.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a keyword tool for your business, Merchant Words is a great option. The website is extremely user-friendly and allows you to easily transition from using one tool to the next. The information is presented in a way that is easy to organize and process for actual results. You can expect to increase your conversions by a lot if you apply the tools of this service appropriately.

There are so many different search tools and reverse search tools to help you figure out what products are the best, what products are being searched for, where there is a market to be profited on, and all sorts of other hard decisions that are made easy when you approach it with the data in mind. Merchant Words lays out the data in a super easy to understand and use format that anyone can use. The pricing plans are affordable and offer great value, although we do recommend that if you are going to pay for one of the plans that you should make the most out of it by using every one of the features.

The tools on the website are meant to build your business, and the many search filters and the option to save the results into categories are just a few of the tools that make Merchant Words a truly great tool for Amazon affiliate, fulfilment by Amazon, and other ecommerce businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my info safe?

When you use MerchantWords you can rest-assure that your data is safe. They do not store your data and share it with anyone else. When you purchase a subscription for their service they guarantee that you will love the tools or they will give you your money back. The service is there to help you build your business, and they take care to protect your information.

Does MerchantWords have a free trial?

There is no MerchantWords free trial. If you purchase an annual plan you will get two of those months free. There is however a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. For fourteen days you can try out the service and if you do not love the tools offered, they will give you your money back.

That is how confident that they are that you will love everything about the tools and what they can do for your business. If you want to get a Merchant Words discount the best way is to buy the service as an annual package. After reading this article you should have a good idea of what to expect out of the tools offered by MerchantWords, and if you aren’t satisfied they have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Is MerchantWords reliable?

MerchantWords is a very reliable website that is led by a team of people devoted to their business. They have support services and the data that is supplied by the website is completely accurate and based off of real Amazon shopper search results. The software and the people at MerchantWords combined make it one of the best tools for Amazon businesses that is out there.


In this Merchant Words review we have laid out the pricing and features of the service. There are a lot of great tools that can be used. There is not currently a MerchantWoods free trial, but there is a money back guarantee if you do not love the service. This article should also give you a better idea of how to use merchant words. It is one of the most user-friendly services out there, which is why we think it is a great choice for Amazon businesses. It has a wide selection of easy to use tools and the customization of each of the search tools is what sets it apart from other keyword databases.

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