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Sellics Review - Here

20 Mar 19 Thu 23:42
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As a professional Amazon vendor, you want to find a way to increase sales and be successful. Sellics is a software program that can help you do this. How can you best manage customer reviews, optimize ads, and improve product listings? Use a software program to help accomplish all of this and make you a leading seller on Amazon.

So, what exactly is Sellics, how can you make it work for your needs? Sellics will help with Amazon keywords searching, and it will help you manage all customer reviews and optimize ads, ensuring traffic is driven to your page. Sellics will help you grow your business and go outsell your competitors.

Sellics is a top option for you if you are an Amazon seller, vendor, or agency. If you are looking for a software program that will optimize ads and ensure you are targeting the right audience for your product, Sellics is the right product for you.Take a deep dive into customer reviews and analyze what is working and what is not.

Read on to learn all about Sellics and how you can use it to improve your sales as a professional Amazon seller or vendor!

Sellics Intro

Amazon sellers and vendors across the world recommend Sellics. Professional Amazon sellers have one goal, to increase sales and drive up profitability. Sellics is one of the tools available to you that can increase sales and make you a more fruitful seller. Analyzing keywords is one way to help drive traffic to your page and get more people interested in your product, and Sellics can help with that. What all do you need to know about Sellics to make it work for you?

This software can help you manage and keep track of many different products at once, so you can do all the research for all of your products right on one platform. Sellics has many different components for you to use from keyword tracking to product review metrics, and it is updated daily so your content is always fresh and accurate. No matter your experience level as a seller or vendor, there is something in Sellics to offer you and to improve your sales. It can help you launch your business from the ground up, or if you are already selling millions of dollars a year, Sellics can help analyze your data and increase your profit margins.

If you're not using software like this, you're missing out. Your competitors will be using something similar, and the only way to get an edge, is to use the same sort of information. And if your competitors aren't using this information, it will give you the ultimate edge. That's why Sellics is so integral to a successful Amazon business.

What is Sellics?

Sellics is one of the easiest tools for you to use as an Amazon seller to research keywords and improve your rankings. You can use this product as a professional Amazon seller or as a professional Amazon vendor, and get good use from Sellics in either scenario. Most users of Sellics increase their revenue in a short period of time.

  1. How much does Sellics cost? Sellics pricing is relatively affordable, and fairly affordable, and they have many different price ranges that are based around what your annual Amazon income is. Pricing is tiered, so the more you sell and profit, the more you pay. They do this to accommodate all sizes of business, and they try to help out smaller companies that are just starting out. Within each tier, there are typically three price options. If you have never sold anything on Amazon, there is one option for you, a payment of $57 per month. For other tiers, for example, if you’ve made between $1k and $60K per year on Amazon, you would pay you will pay one of the following: $67 per month, $57 a month with a commitment for 6 months, or $47 a month for a commitment of one year. The prices go up slightly with each tier based on how many thousands of dollars in sales you do in one year on Amazon. Any user is eligible for a free trial where you can use the product for 14 days to test it out.
  2. Are there different features in Sellics? Tools like sonar by Sellics and Sellics crunchbase are components of Sellics that you should take advantage of as an Amazon seller. Sellics Sonar is actually free, and has a database of over 180 million keywords. It is a research software for Amazon sellers and vendors that will help find all the relevant keywords to your business. It helps analyze how your product ranks, and lets you know if your product will show up in certain keywords searches. If you are selling a baseball, you want it to show up when someone searches for “baseball.” Crunchbase, on the other hand, is broader, and is a tool that encompasses many things. Mostly, it can help you analyze and spot new opportunities and products to sell. If you are looking to expand, this is a great component of Sellics that can help you.
  3. What are the different Sellics editions? Sellics has a few different editions available for you to try. The different editions are seller, vendor, and agency. Sellics tailors its needs to you depending on which edition you use, so make sure you select the right option depending on if you are a seller or vendor. The biggest factor to help you decide is to consider whether you sell your products directly to the buyer, or if you are selling to Amazon, who then sells to the buyer. As an Amazon seller or vendor, use Sellics to help see where your product ranks and if the right keywords are driving traffic to your products.

Sellics is a great way for both Amazon sellers and Amazon vendors to use keyword analyses to increase traffic to their products, thus increasing sales and profits.

sellics pricing

Sellics Pricing

Since Sellics pricing varies depending on how much you earn in sales in a given year, let’s take a longer look at the different pricing options to help you decide which is best for you. While you can’t change which tier you are in, since that depends on how much you sell, you can decide on how long you want to use Sellics. How long of a commitment you are willing to make will affect the different price options, the longer the commitment the shorter the payment each month.

The biannual plans require you to commit to paying that price for six months, and the annual prices require you to pay it for 12 months. While the price per month price is lower, it does add a short commitment. No matter which price option you choose, do not worry too much about the commitment, as you can drop in price later if you need to. If you are a seller or a vendor on Amazon 6 or 12 months is going to go by in a flash, and you can always change your plan at the end of those time commitments.

Focus less on what Sellics will cost you, and more on how much Sellics can help you. For a small fee every month, Sellics will increase traffic to your products helping you earn money that will pay for Sellics and then some.

Pricing starts at $57 per month and goes up from there. There is no free version available.

sellics price

Sellics Products

Consider your needs on Amazon and how you sell your products before selecting the right Sellics edition for you. Do you sell directly to the consumer or do you use Amazon as a middle-man to deliver your goods to the buyer? Either way is ok, you just want to buy the right edition to meet your needs depending on if you are classified as a vendor or as a seller. Here we will take a look at the three different editions of Sellics, so you know what the best one is for you.

Seller Edition

Arguably the most popular edition of Sellics, if you are an Amazon seller, whether a beginner or an expert, this is the edition you want. This version of Sellics can help put your Amazon seller business over the top!

There are five main components of the Sellics Seller Edition:

  1. Real time profit tracking: By using this edition, you will be able to instantly track your profits any time of day. If you are the type to want to monitor your profits and know whether they are good or bad, this option will make you want Sellics. No matter if you sell 1 product once a month or hundreds or profits a day, this tracker will give you visual insight into your progress as an Amazon seller.
  2. Get the most out of your Amazon PPC Revenue – Pay Per Click (PPC) is another way of tracking ads and traffic to your products. You want to maximize the profits and revenues that each click generates. Sellics is going to help you get the most out of your Amazon advertising budget, making sure your budget does not go to waste. Let Sellics help you decide what to spend your advertising money on.
  3. Improve your keyword rankings – Keyword rankings are one of the most important measures of traffic to your product. Where do you rank? When someone searches for baseball, how much scrolling does the consumer have to do to get to your particular baseball that you are selling? Let Sellics help move your product up the keyword rankings and get your product in front of consumers’ eyes quicker.
  4. Be alerted to new reviews – Never miss a review again. Whether customers leave good reviews or bad reviews, it’s important to stay in tune with your customers so you know what is working well with your product and what is not. You will also be able to sort and filter, so if you only want to see the bad reviews, so you know what to improve, you can.
  5. Stay on top of inventory – Sellics works to make sure you never run out of product, which would lead to unhappy customers. Let Sellics track your sales history and predict trends. This will help make sure you are always stocked up when you need to be. Use this feature to make sure you are stocked up on product during peak times in the market.

Vendor Edition

Like the Seller edition, the Vendor edition has some key components to offer its customers. In this case, there are three main reasons to use the Sellics Vendor Edition:

  1. Ecommerce Executive – This feature gives you a hard look at your revenue potential, and analyzes your entire business. Aimed at improving your Amazon advertisement success, this helps you automate your Pay per Clicks, and make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.
  2. Marketing Manager – The content optimization window with this feature is sure to become a favorite for you. You will have strong visual representation of keyword recommendations, learn how to optimize your listings, and you will also be able to see any unauthorized changes that might have happened to your listings.
  3. Sales Manager – This is a key tool for vendors, as you can monitor your competition and see where some individual sellers might be lowering prices and trying to get around your products offered as a vendor. You can easily monitor your search rankings compared to others in the market. This will also help you spot trends, so you can spot if another product is suddenly soaring ahead of yours, and then you can find out why.

Agency Edition

This option is geared towards full service agencies using Sellics. With the Agency Edition, you can use Sellics to help you focus on strategy. Perhaps the best feature offered by this edition is the campaign management aspect. Use Sellics to manage your brand and help manage your reputation with your clients. There is a team of experts dedicated to Amazon ready to help with all of your needs and help optimize all your client accounts.

No matter which edition of Sellics you use, you will be able to get a better handle on your customers, manage all customer reviews, and improve sales and revenue streams. Let a software program like Sellics do some of the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus your efforts on other tasks in your business.

sonar by sellics

Frequently Asked Questions Sellics

Anytime you use or consider a new product, you are going to have questions. While Sellics is a very easy product to learn and familiarize yourself with, there are a few common questions that we can hopefully answer for you. Let’s review some of the most common questions about Sellics, and go through some of the answers to put your mind at ease before you purchase:

How can I cancel a Sellics account?

You can certainly cancel a Sellics account if it doesn’t turn out to be the product you wanted. We recommend taking advantage of the 14 day free trial to get used to the product before making your selection. If you want to cancel after you have purchased, visit the Account Management section of the website. In there, click on terminate. This will terminate your account after your current cycle is paid up. If you paid for 6 months, and want to cancel at 2, your account will not cancel until after the full 6 month period has been paid for and used. That’s why it is best to make sure you pick the best option ahead of time.

Can I use the Sellics trial?

Absolutely. Sellics has a free 14 day trial that requirements zero financial commitment. If you sign up for a 6 or 12 month plan, you will need to pay for that 6 or 12 months before your account cancels. For that reason, it’s imperative to take advantage of the free Sellics trial. You will know what you are paying for and can confidently purchase a longer plan without worrying about needing to cancel. None of the features of Sellics are restricted with the free trial, so sign up and take advantage of everything Sellics has to offer before deciding on what plan to purchase for the long term.

How can I reach Sellics customer service?

There are a couple different ways to communicate with Sellics. For starters, they offer a free weekly webinar designed to answer all the tricky questions and continue to educate you on their product. If you have a specific question, you can also contact them via the chat box located on the bottom right of the web browswer whenever you have it open. They can also be reached via email. 

Is Sellics secure?

Sellics is completely secure. They are designed for use by large Amazon vendors, and would never risk your data, else they will get bad reviews and go out of business. Their operational tools are superb, and they take client privacy very seriously.

Final Thoughts on Sellics

Whether you are an Amazon seller, vendor, or agency, there is a Sellics option for you. Sellers editions will help you track profits and improve keyword rankings. Venders Editions are best to manage your sales against your competition, and Agency editions will help you manage your campaigns. If you ever wonder how your products are performing, Sellics will provide you with metrics, so you will never have to wonder again.

We recommend taking advantage of the free 14 day trial, and then deciding on how long you will use the product for. The longer you sign up for, the cheaper per month it will be, but if you just want to try it out for a month or two, you can do that too.

Let the graphs and visual representation on Sellics help track everything you need as an Amazon seller or vendor. You can track profits, customer reviews, and keyword data, all of which will help put you ahead of your competition.

Videos about Sellics

Take your research into Sellics a step further and check out some YouTube videos, and you can see some experience from people who have already used Sellics. You might learn some pointers that will make you feel more comfortable making the leap and purchasing Sellics. Check out some of the best videos about Sellics:

  • Keyword Research and Tracking with Sellics – Keyword research is one of the most important things for you to do as an Amazon seller. Consumers shop with keywords, so your goal as a seller should be to come in at the top of the keyword search for your product. Watch this video to get an idea of what Sellics can offer you in regards to keyword research and tracking. Use Sellics to do this important work for you.
  • Product Research on Amazon - Analyzing Competitor Sales with Sellics – If you can’t do anything to increase your own sales or revenue, take a look at what your competitors are doing. What are they doing to sell products that you aren’t doing? In this video, learn how to use Sellics to analyze your competitor’s sales to see if there is anything you can do differently to boost your own sales.
  • Sellics In Depth Review  – Are you interested in knowing how Sellics stacks up against its competitors? Check out this video for a comparison to other software programs that are similar to Sellics, and you will see why Sellics is still above its competition and a worthwhile investment for you.

A good YouTube video can help you learn even more about Sellics, and could teach you new ways to let Sellics help you as an Amazon seller or vendor. Many of these videos contain helpful tips and tricks that can help you get an edge on your competition. In a marketplace as competitive as Amazon, any sort of edge over your competitors is worth its weight in gold.

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