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Best LinkedIn Automation Tools for 2021

21 Aug 20 Fri 13:32
Home Reviews Best LinkedIn Automation Tools for 2021

There might be a lot of challenges in your way of prospecting on LinkedIn, and it is actually a sign that you are putting the necessary efforts and time into your career. Now, if asked about these challenges, your answer could be any of these:

  • You are spending a lot of time sending connection requests
  • You are unable to figure out how many leads respond or replied to your outreach
  • You are spending more energy and time sending personalized messages

Your time and energy are valuable assets when it comes to B2B prospecting. You can't afford to spend a whole day on LinkedIn sending manual messages or connection requests to everyone. 

What you need here is LinkedIn Automation Tools which will assist you in automating your LinkedIn B2B prospecting and delivering exceptional results in minutes.

What are LinkedIn Automation Tools?

It's critical to have someone you can trust on your side when it comes to getting yourself and your business out there on LinkedIn.

It's unrealistic to expect you to handle everything yourself, which is why LinkedIn Automation Tools offers hundreds of third-party solutions to assist with your marketing and outreach needs.

LinkedIn automation, as the name implies, is the use of specific software to automatically send out connection requests, create/send messages, view messages, and page follow, eliminating your manual efforts. These tasks can be accomplished with the help of LinkedIn automation tools like Closely .

How can you benefit from LinkedIn Automation Tools?

Anyone with a personal LinkedIn profile is eligible to use LinkedIn automation tools. B2B marketers, sales executives, and job recruiters, for example, stand to benefit the most from these tools. 

Some benefits of using LinkedIn Automation Tools are:

Establish personalize connections easily

LinkedIn users usually communicate using LinkedIn messaging when you send them messages. However, human engagement is not available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In this case, LinkedIn automation tools assist in hyper-personalized communication with the automated context.

Smart work

Some tools not only create leads but also provide useful features like retrieving a previous chat or communication with a prospect before setting up an official meeting. 

Increase your outreach and save your time

You may publish content for your audience at the proper time and increase your outreach in less time with LinkedIn automation tools, earning immediate attention from your prospects. 

Generates useful statistical data

LinkedIn automation tools help you learn more about how your messages work. During a given time period, you may observe how many people accepted and ignored your connection request.

As of 2021, LinkedIn has over 740 million users worldwide. If you are searching for a Brand Manager for example with necessary filters, there will be so many people that you will get confused. Now the thing is, who will you contact? How are you going to decide which one among them is worth engaging? You can’t possibly go through every profile and examine who you should engage with.

LinkedIn automation tools can be handy in this situation. They assist you in properly sorting leads into usable contact lists so that you may engage and convert them.

Top LinkedIn Automation Tools

Now that you have learned about LinkedIn Automation Tools and how they can be beneficial, let’s look at some of the best tools in the market that can be really helpful to you.

LinkedIn Automation Tools - Crystal

Crystal is a well-known and reputable platform whose primary mission is to provide fast access to millions of personality profiles as well as free communication tips to anyone you meet. It enables B2B marketers in communicating effectively with prospects, as well as generating high-performing teams, developing, training, and retaining top talent.

Without Crystal, two LinkedIn profiles may appear to be identical, but with Crystal, you'll notice that there are numerous undiscovered elements that you may use when talking with prospects.

LinkedIn Automation Tools - Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup states that its tools make it simple to find, engage, and keep prospects on your LinkedIn profile and that they are the smarter method to drum up a new business using your LinkedIn profile. 

They can handle all of your LinkedIn lead creation activities for you, allowing you to focus on the business side of things while also completing those crucial details. Because it's a chrome extension, it'll run in the background as long as your LinkedIn tab is open. 

LinkedIn Automation Tools - Phantombuster

Phantombuster is a Chrome extension that allows you to conduct a range of different activities on the web, such as data extraction and task scheduling. It is one of the best automation tools for LinkedIn. It will only cost you 30$ a month so it will be affordable to many LinkedIn users out there. With over 100 Phantom solutions to pick from, you can quickly and easily develop LinkedIn outreach campaigns, as well as automate your social media in general.

LinkedIn Automation Tools - Expandi

Expandi is a new automation tool that has captured the attention of various LinkedIn users rapidly. It's cloud-based, which means you can use it to do everything online without downloading any of their software.

They can also assist you with increasing your profile's visibility by designing connection campaigns, utilizing advanced targeting features, and customizing your messages, ensuring that you remain approachable and personable no matter how big you get. 

The best thing is that they leave a lot of the customization up to the client, allowing them to fine-tune their features as needed.

They can even assist you in the creation of gradual campaigns with the capacity to follow up, which will commence automatically when a potential lead reacts to a message you've sent.

Outsourcing certain areas of your LinkedIn growth can be advantageous in many ways, whether you are wanting to produce new leads for your company, connect with more people within your field, or simply share your content with people you think will find it interesting. We've done the research to bring you the finest LinkedIn automation solutions available, which may make a significant difference in your LinkedIn growth.

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