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Will Launch by Jungle Scout (formerly known as Jump Send) help you get your Amazon business to the top?

20 Mar 10 Tue 19:53
Home Reviews Will Launch by Jungle Scout (formerly known as Jump Send) help you get your Amazon business to the top?
The unbreakable cycle of Amazon
What can you do - apart from using Launch/JumpSend - to get your first sales?
The "Whats" and the "Hows"
What did we like about JumpSend/Launch?
The things that could be better
Final thoughts

There is a thing about launching a product on Amazon: the first sales won't come easy, and you may have to wait for a few dozen sales to receive the first product review. It's a circle of the devil because you need sales to get a higher ranking, but to get sales, you need to achieve more top rankings, and to do that, you need more purchases that can't be done without more reviews and higher rankings. Launch by Jungle Scout is the tool you need to get your business going, and in the review that follows, we are going to tell you everything about it!

The unbreakable cycle of Amazon

That crazy rule, that neverending cycle we mentioned in the introduction, is still there, and it's something that has the power to enhance or break a product one just launched. If you don't ensure a successful launch, you may end up in a downward-facing trend, a spiral that leads to oblivion. Or at least it will prove to be damned hard to get out of it.

It is quite evident that you need more sales to have a successful product launch, as that's going to lead to better rankings, thus yielding more organic sales, and so on. Sometimes later, the reviews will start to pour in regularly, which also enhances the organic results.

What can you do - apart from using Launch/JumpSend - to get your first sales?

Now you probably have a slight understanding of how the sales-rankings-sales-review-more sales system works. This when you ask yourself: how the heck can I get those first sales? Well, in general, with the good old methods: running ad campaigns on Facebook, Amazon, launch a few landing pages, and so on. It requires work and patience, but that's what makes a good businessman-businesswoman, right?

Getting those reviews, however, is another matter. Organic reviews are pretty hard to come by; it's safe to say that out of a hundred buyers, you can consider yourself lucky if one leaves a review. With autoresponders and some other tricks you could increase this chance, but it's way too slow, and it doesn't guarantee success. So, what could be a solution to this? Offer something in return for the reviews! That's what JumpSend Amazon does for you!

The "Whats" and the "Hows"

What is Launch by Jungle Scout

review kick

Today, Launch is part of the full range of accessories provided by Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is quite a great Amazon product and keywords research tool, which offers great help in finding and managing products for Amazon businesses.

The principle of Launch

Launch is a marketplace that has more than a hundred thousand users, all eager to "jump" on the deals review-hungry Amazon sellers could offer. At JumpSend (by the way, the original site name remains), you have the chance to promote the goods you offer for sale to people who might buy them. As an accessory, Launch provides an autoresponder to keep in touch with those buyers who bought your product via the site.

This works simple: you offer a discount to the users at Launch. These are not some nameless bots, however. Every people registered at the JumpSend website has verified Amazon accounts, and they usually know what you require them to do in exchange for the discount you granted them. This is a great way to kickstart your Amazon journey.

Generating natural sales for a new product is the hardest part of a launch. With a set price, you may end up making no sales at all, due to the lack of deals and reviews, and to the competition, you might have in your niche.

Those pesky reviews!

Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely that people will leave you reviews. As we said already, you have less than a 1% chance to get a review after a purchase. This, however, is true only for satisfied customers! As you are going to experience, when there is something wrong, even the tiniest issue arises, people will come back and rave about how bad your product is and give you a one-star rating. We have seen products go down the drain because the first review it ever received was a one-star.

We know you don't want to hear it, but you have to: you'll face a lot of unjustified reviews that have nothing to do with the product. For example, you might get a one-star rating because the item broke due to careless handling, or just because the buyer wanted to order another color or something. Can you do anything about it? No, you can't! The only thing that's under your control is to ensure that your first reviews are good, without risking the profitability.

Offering JumpSend deals is the solution!

It's all about discounts. At Amazon, you have the chance to offer discounts to users with the help of discount codes. It also means that you can launch your product without lowering the set price, and still boost your initial sales, thus also boosting those rankings. This is the point where you could take advantage of Launch and it's users: you add your discount offer to the system, and the users can request a discount from you. Approved users can then buy the product at Amazon for the discounted price.

With more than 100,000 users, there is an excellent chance you'll get those initial sales and reviews. We hope you know that positive reviews come for quality products only! If you have a bad product, not even Launch and Jump Send, nor a miracle could save you!

The JumpSend review

After (hopefully) helping you understand what's the deal with JumpSend, it's high time to take a closer look and provide that JumpSend review we promised. In general, we are going to go through the good and bad aspects of this software/marketplace in greater detail.

jumpsend review

What did we like about JumpSend/Launch?

It's an already working marketplace.

The primary feature of JumpSend is that it has a large number of buyers looking for Amazon deals and excellent products to try. With this, you can lower the initial expenses of launching a product, since you don't have to start with spending hard cash on ads.

The members of JumpSend now how to use coupon codes on Amazon

Another significant advantage of the Jump Send marketplace is that the shoppers already know how to use Amazon coupon codes.

You should have regular coupon giveaways when your business runs well, but you have to be careful when you launch a product. At first, use the JumpSend users experience - they won't drag you down in reviews because they can use coupon codes. An average Amazon user, however, may not know, and such people tend to one-star a product in a jiffy when they can't get the coupon discount.

It provides a consistent number of sales and genuine buyers.

The people registered at JumpSend are always on the lookout for deals and goods. Since they are experienced, they are likely to buy products for the nice discount you provide them. This will keep your sales consistent, and it also enhances the rankings of your product.

It helps to keep your ranks.

With more sales come better rankings. It's plain and simple, and there isn't much to add. This marketplace may help you boost and keep your ranks throughout the early weeks, and if you have missing numbers of sales, you may give away the item for a few individuals with e.g. 65% discount. In the long run, you'll profit from it.

Increases keyword rankings

The more consistent flow of sales grants better ranking in Amazon's search engine too. When you make enough sales, you may find that you have better results on your pages, due to the fact that the keywords for your product rank better in the engine. Also, when people start typing in the keywords, your items appear higher in the suggestions' list.

It saves you money during launch.

In the long run, to build up a good brand, you will have to spend money on Facebook and Google advertisements. Until that, however, JumpSend is a great tool to keep the rankings and kickstart reviews and organic sales.

Only buyers are able to use your coupon codes.

Any unused coupon codes will expire after a time, so you don't risk your inventory running out. To ensure success, you should carefully inspect JumpSend's guide on creating products.

Get ahead of the competition during the launch

Taking advantage of JumpSend's features gives you an edge when you launch your product. Also, if you get the first sales as soon as you can will grant the momentum you may need to keep doing what you started. Initial sales - and we can't emphasize it hard enough - are essential for a successful launch: they get you ranks, reviews, and profit.

Increase the number of reviews

Now, this is something that's not guaranteed, but you still have better chances of earning reviews than with organic sales (that may never even come). If you have thought of everything, you probably have an autoresponder already. If not, then JumpSend has an incorporated responder, which you can use to get in touch with your buyers and encourage them to leave a review.

It's now part of Jungle Scout

It's undeniable that Jungle Scout is an industry leader in the Amazon product research and tracking business, and with Jump Send (they renamed it Launch, Jump Send is now the buyers' registration page only), this service got better. With this comes to another great feature: promptly, the customer service is handled by Jungle Scout too!

The things that could be better

Excluded product types

You can only promote products that you have listed in your Amazon seller central account.

At this time, the services of Launch are not available for e-books, Amazon merchandise, and a few other categories.

Market limitation

You can use the JumpSend marketplace only for US and UK dealings.

It might not be that much of an issue, but the European Amazon sites are still growing, and it's easier to set foot in a new market than trying to climb an old mountain. Other markets may be covered in the future, until that, you might take advantage of the auto mailer included with Launch, which works on all exchanges.

Reseller danger

Since you are not able to select the buyers anymore, some of the Jump Send shoppers might try to pull a fast one: resell the discount item on eBay on Amazon, making a profit. Nowadays, it's a bit harder to it, though, as the Chrome extension is required, and it's not that easy to set up multiple accounts.

You can't reward buyers for leaving reviews.

There was a change in Amazon rules that deleted the option to give away items for reviews during promotions. Fortunately, the users at JumpSend have the excellent habit of leaving reviews or at least star ratings. Of course, you have to keep in mind that if your product is terrible, your reviews will be bad too.

Verified reviews are hard to get

Though it is not stated officially, it looks like more than a 50% discount on a product might prove to be bad for your reviews. Some sellers claimed that buyers who bought their products with discount price left reviews, but Amazon didn't put the verified review text next to it.

They are not your customers.

At JumpSend, you don't gain any information about the buyers, not even their email address. This eliminates the chance of list building and direct communications.

The difference between Jump Send and Launch

There is a difference between these two products. Jump Send was the name of the service which evolved from the Review Kick when Amazon banned incentivized reviews in 2016. For a few years, it worked as a standalone service, and users were able to do everything through the first Jump Send website.

Jungle Scout gets their hands on Jump Send in 2019, and implemented it in their Amazon business services, and launched a service called Launch. Now, Jump Send is still out there, but you can't join in as a seller anymore. Only new buyers have the option the register on the original site, and sellers have to join Jungle Scout.

Launch is basically the same as the Jump Send: you have the options to generate and grant coupon codes for buyers and keep in touch with them using the advanced autoresponder. Another significant difference is that the Launch autoresponder works on all markets, while coupon generating is available only on UK and US markets.

Final thoughts

2016 was a hard year for tools like JumpSend - which was called Review Kick back at the time. Due to the changes in the terms and rules of product launching, many of the other similar players failed, and JumpSend was one of the few who emerged from the ashes. With the removal of direct incentive offers for reviews, launching products became really hard, earning the first sales and reviews became a real struggle.

Fortunately, Review Kick change the name fast (really fast… like the day after the changes in the ToS), and stayed around to see what happens. And what did happen? Well, Jump Send kept on improving, and it's now part of the most substantial Amazon-related toolkit online!

The easy to use interface makes it very straightforward to set up promotions, give out coupon codes, with little hassle.

In fact, JumpSend is among those few that remained, and with its implementation into the Jungle Scout system, it's even better now. With the easy to use interface for both user types, with JumpSend and Launch is easy to use, and launching your product would be much more comfortable with this tool.

JumpSend and Launch work, and that's our final verdict. Together with the whole set of the Jungle Scout kit, it's a fantastic software suite for new and even for veteran Amazon sellers.


Is it possible to select the buyers I give discounts for?

No, there is no such thing implemented in Launch, and it would go against Amazon's Terms of Service. You have two approval options: manual and automatic. But when you approve a request for a discount, you can't see any details about the buyer, no email, no Amazon account information. It makes it a lottery, but based on the success of Jump Send, most buyers tend to be kind when it comes to reviews and ratings.

Does Jump Send users have an obligation to leave a review?

No, they do not. In fact, many among them are just like your usual buyers - they do a buy and run, and they never return. With follow up messages (with the responder included in Launch) you may increase their willingness to leave a review.

Are 5-star reviews guaranteed?

There is no such thing and for good riddance. What if every seller with all kinds of junk would receive 5-star reviews from Jump Send buyers? There would be chaos, and there wouldn't be any point in running this service anymore. So no, you can't expect only 5-stars from buyers whom you gave coupon codes to.

Does Jump Send comply with the current Amazon Terms of Service?

Yes, otherwise we wouldn't even consider writing about it.

Back in the days (before 2016), this service was called Review Kick, and it offered incentives for reviews fair and square. When the changes came, they changed the name, removed those "bought" reviews, and followed Amazon's Terms of Service to the letter.

Today, there is no such incentive offer included with using Jump Send. Sellers who take advantage of Launch, can't offer any benefits for reviews, which ensures that the reviews left are unique, honest, and preferable unbiased.

When you communicate with your buyers through an autoresponder or something, you can't tell them to leave a full five-star review just. In accordance with the Terms of Service of Amazon, you may only encourage them to leave a review.

Can I use Jump Send without Jungle Scout?

No, you can't. In case you want to join as a buyer, you can do that at the Jump Send website, but as a seller, you are always redirected to the website of Launch, which is part of Jungle Scout now.

What markets can I enter with JumpSend?

At this time, the discount coupon code generation works only for the USA and UK markets. The Launch autoresponder works with the other markets, but you can only find a real use for it if you manage to launch a product on those markets.

Is it possible to sell Kindle e-Books or Amazon-branded items with Jump Send?

It is not possible. You have to work with items you list in your Seller Central. There are also other items excluded, and you should carefully check the terms and services of JumpSend and Amazon too.

Are there any alternatives to this?

Well, today there aren't too much, because most of such services like JumpSent went out of business when the ToS changes took place. Now the only thing you can do is to set up massive marketing campaigns, running ads on Facebook, Amazon, different social media platforms, and pay some influencers to review your product. It's an expensive alternative, but an alternative nonetheless. We recommend using Launch to get the initial few sales and run campaigns when you have money to spend on it.

Is there a free trial?

Jungle Scout offers a free trial period for all its services, including Jump Send and Launch too. Now it's a 14-days trial, which is a pretty good deal, and it's just enough to see whether it works or not.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can. However, you can't just cancel Launch, and you can only cancel the full service as it is, including the whole Jungle Scout package. You just have to get in touch with the customer service from your account and tell them you want to end your subscription.

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