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Jungle Scout Review

20 Dec 18 Fri 19:16
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jungle scout extension

Started in 1995 as a company for selling books, today Amazon is among the largest online retailers with millions of shoppers and merchants. The trend of online shopping has greatly increased from the past few years, hence Amazon has become a giant platform for both merchants and buyers. From zipper pulls to industrial hardware, almost everything is available in this marketplace.

Since it is a well-known and reputed company, more and more buyers now trust its services and are purchasing their favorite stuff from this site. Because there are so many customers on this platform, selling something in this marketplace has become one of the most reliable and convenient ways of earning money from the comfort of your home.

Many merchants from all around the globe are earning a great income through this platform. Do you wish to be among them? If so, you must understand that achieving success on such a competitive platform is not as easy as launching any random product and getting a large number of orders right away.

Shoppers now want the goods of the highest standards and when they have so many options available, it is your job to convince them to buy your items and show them how your item is the best among the lot. However, this is a bit complex process and you have to work on different aspects and make sure you are using the right strategies, tools, and techniques.

If you look at the traits of successful merchants on this platform, you will find that they efficiently utilize all the tools and technologies offered to them to sell more effectively.

One wrong step can result in failure. Let us assume, you have launched an item that is not desired by the buyers, no matter which strategies you use it won’t be able to generate sales. To select the right item, you must conduct a thorough research by digging into the data of several similar goods. Similarly, there are many other factors that you must take into account.

Since doing everything all by yourself would consume a lot of time and results can still be accurate due to human error, different companies have developed efficient tools by keeping the needs and requirements of sellers. Talking about tools, Jungle Scout is an effective app used by many. Here, we will discuss it in detail.

If you are interested in understanding the usage of this tool, the functions it consists of and the benefits it can provide you, keep reading the article.

The Purpose of Jungle Scout

As mentioned earlier, it is an efficient and powerful toolset for Amazon merchants and is loaded with various smart and helpful functions that not only assists the users in operating more efficiently but saves you time as well.

This app is quite easy to use and consists of every function that an online merchant needs. From discovering the most suitable phrases and words for listings to picking the appropriate supplier, the toolset has the capability to assist you with every aspect. However, the most liked function of this software is the tool for discovering the right goods. These functions can be used through the plugin or the in-browser app.


Any of the 3 pricing plans can be bought to utilize the functions of this tool. Those who want the convenience of examining details while browsing the site can buy the plugin for $39/month but if you choose yearly subscription it will cost you $228/year which means $19/month whereas the in-browser application can either be used by paying $49/month or $486/year.

Lastly, a combined plan of the plugin and in-browser application is available for $69/month for those interested in both of them so that they don’t have to buy them separately. If you go for the yearly package it will cost you $588/year. None of these plans have the free trial but if after the purchase, you find that it doesn't fit your needs you can ask for a refund within 14 days.

However, there is a catch; the payment of these plans is directly affected by the no. of units you have sold that month. Here is an example; suppose you get orders of less than or equal to 500 every month, the in-browser app will cost $486, however, if they are between 500 and 2000 the same package will cost you $588/month and so on. The same goes for the “combination of web app and extension” package. However, the cost of the plugin when purchased separately remains the same.

The prices mentioned above for the packages are for orders of 500 or below per month.

Features of Web App

The browser tool is packed with almost every function that the brand offers except for the opportunity score. Whether the users are looking to select the appropriate goods, want to manage their inventory, interested in enhancing their listings through suitable phrases and words or are searching for an appropriate manufacturer for their goods, this browser app will assist you with all of this and much more. Below we have discussed the main features of the app in detail.

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Keyword Scout
  • Niche Hunter
  • Supplier Database
  • Launch
  • Academy


Product Database

amazon jungle scout

The database consisting of as many goods as 70 million is the key feature of the app and it is developed specifically for the purpose of helping the users in discovering the in-demand goods quickly. With the info on millions of goods offered on Amazon, this feature brings you accurate and exact details of any item you want. This tool consists of goods from different marketplaces of Amazon.

The pre-set filters bring you the most accurate matches for your queries but if you have any other specifications, you can make use of different filters such as sales rank, categories, expected sales and a lot more to get those items in results that best fit your requirements without wasting your precious time. Let us say, you are searching for an item with a sales rank below 100 and 4.5-star rating, the results will display a list of only the items matching these criteria

Furthermore, you can also apply filters such as “high demand and bad marketing,” “high demand and low competition” or “high competition and bad ratings” to find the items of your choice. The filers can also be saved to use them in the future while all these stats can be exported to a spreadsheet.

The procedure for getting results is an easy one. You first have to choose the site such as the USA, Canada, etc. where you like to search for the goods. Next, choose your desired category and use the filters according to your requirements and a list of items that are the best match for your specifications will be presented.

If you are thinking why is this research important, here is the answer to your question.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced seller launching a new item, finding the most profitable one with high demand and minimum competition is very important for generating high sales and income. Why? Because sales are due to shoppers, they are the ones who actually purchase the goods and if the item you have introduced isn’t what they want to purchase, it won’t be able to perform well.

Similarly, if there are too many merchants offering the same type of item, it means the competition is quite high and it will be quite difficult to convince the buyers to purchase your goods instead of your competitors. This is why the quest for the right item is very important for performing well on this platform. It includes analyzing the details such as sales, review, revenue, and rank, etc, of different similar goods to figure out their potential. With such stats, you can easily deduce whether the item is worth investing in or not.

Another important step to picking the right item is to calculate the expenses you have to bear as well as the income you will get after paying for all the expenses because it can aid you in understanding the capacity of the goods in terms of sales and profits.

Before you complete an order on Amazon, as a merchant you have to pay different types of charges. To begin with, you pay subscription charges based on the plan you select when you set up your account. The professional package can be purchased for $39.99 every month while the cost of the individual plan depends on the amount of units you sell.

Secondly, if you choose FBA, the services of packing and shipping, etc. offered by Amazon, you will be charged for these services. These charges depend on the dimensions and weight of your item.

Since it can be a complex process to individually calculate the fees of different items to determine if they are profitable, a “Profit Calculator” is also embedded in this tool which determines the fees of any item in just a few seconds by using the details of the item that you provide.

Product Tracker

This is another feature for determining whether you should invest in a certain item or not. It keeps tabs on the daily sales, rank, inventor, and cost of the good to make it simple for you to evaluate its performance over a certain period of time and decide if you want to launch it or not. These stats let you make an accurate decision, thanks to the real-time data.

If you like to track the goods you have searched through the database, you can sync them with the tracker and they will be added automatically. Items can also be tracked by adding them directly from their page through the plugin. Users can also create notes for the items to write useful comments.

Different groups of items can also be created in the tracker based on their category or similarity. This will not only make data analysis easier but lets you compare different goods. The tracker used to display the data in the form of charts and graphs but now it is shown in table form which makes it easier to analyze it.

Starting from scratch and don’t have any clue where to start? The recommended items presented by this tool is definitely a place to start with.

Another great thing about this tool is that it can also be utilized to keep tabs on your competitors' goods to get useful insights into their strategies. This info, in turn, can then be utilized to gain a competitive edge. For example, you can examine their selling price and adjust yours accordingly to get the order through the buy box and appear higher in the results of the search queries of purchasers.

Keyword Scout

jungle scout trial

To know the significance of this feature, one must first understand the importance of keyword in generating sales and revenues. Keywords are actually words and phrases that are inserted in the title and feature section of the goods to make them more appropriate for search queries of the shoppers. They help your goods land higher on the search results of different queries depending on their relevancy and hence help you reach more audience and generate more sales.

Since every buyer likes to see the goods in the results which best match their criteria, the relevancy of these words depends on what the buyers are searching for but you must avoid stuffing them otherwise they will lose their core purpose.

Now back to the tool. As the name suggests, this software brings you the most used and accurate words for your goods based on what buyers are searching for on the marketplace. It also lets you know how many times a certain keyword has been searched by shoppers so that you can understand its demand. It will also help you in understanding the relevancy of the keywords to your goods.

Furthermore, it lets you run an efficient PPC campaign by determining the amount that most appropriate for bidding for the advertisement of a keyword.

Niche Hunter

This tool is also for discovering the appropriate niche and goods but it has more advanced features and displays useful stats such as average income and average sales etc. Through this tool, the listings of your competitors can be analyzed by searching for their goods with keywords.

Moreover, it also shows you the competition each item in the results has. It is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 denotes the most competitive, which means the higher the no. the more competitive the niche is. It goes without saying, you should always choose the goods with the lowest competition.

LQS is a score that represents the quality of a listing and is a very useful figure for examining the ones with the highest performance. It is calculated by analyzing how appropriate the phrases and words are as well as the amount of pictures of the item present on its page.

Supplier Database

One of the main tasks of sellers is to find the right manufacturer or supplier for their goods because without them you won’t have any unit for selling. However, finding a good supplier who can supply you with high-quality items can be a bit difficult. The brand understands this need of the merchants that is why it has developed this tool.

With the help of this useful yet simple feature, you can pick the perfect vendor, manufacturer or supplier for your goods quickly. It asks the users to mention the goods they want the manufacturer for and it will then present a list consisting of manufacturers/ suppliers with all their details, providing you a variety of options.

If you already have a supplier or company in mind, you can also search by their names. The results consist of the contact info, history of shipments, etc. of the suppliers.


The feature which people once known as JumpSend is now called Launch. From the start, JumpSend was an app developed by Jungle Scout but it came as a separate app. Launch has all the features of JumpSend and the only difference is that now it is offered as a part of Jungle Scout.

The main features of this tool consist of automatically sending emails to your purchasers to request them for feedback and allowing you to create offers through coupons and discounts.

These features are indeed quite useful. Firstly, you know how important good feedback is for achieving success but the problem is that not every buyer leaves feedback even if they liked your product. So, you have to ask them politely to give you a rating. This is what Launch does on your behalf.

Secondly, as a beginner, you might face difficulties in making your goods visible to the audience even if you are targeting the relevant keywords because search rank is greatly affected by the amount of sales as well. This is where this tool comes in. It has a massive audience and everyday shoppers search for best deals and offers on its search engine. It means this tool lets you reach a large number of shoppers.

Jungle Scout Academy

This feature is quite helpful particularly for beginners as it consists of a lot of useful material about effectively selling online.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

This is available in two versions pro and lite. The pro consists of more detailed functions compared to the lite version, which is more economical by the way. So it is better that you first buy this version and test the functions and then decide whether to by the pro one or not.

The purpose of these extensions is to help you examine useful details of the item right of its Amazon page. This means you can get the details in one click without leaving the page. Useful info of goods such as their average seller rank and sales etc. can be examined through it. These important figures are enough for deducing if the niche is profitable or not.

However, the lite version doesn’t calculate the opportunity score which is quite important for understanding the capacity of a niche. Depending on the total units sold and the total no. of merchants offering a certain item, this score tells you about the competition and demand of the item. The score ranges from 1 to 10 with 1 being the least profitable opportunity.

Web App vs Extension- Which One Should you Buy?

The in-browser tool is a complete package and consists of complex functions for all your needs. Hence it lets you examine the goods in more detail. However, the extension has its own benefits. It also has the ability to bring all the info the users need for selecting the appropriate goods and brings you instant details of goods without the need to leave the item’s page.

Which one you should use depends solely on the type of info you require. If you wish to see useful details on the page of the item, the jungle scout extension is definitely worth a try, however, if you need to conduct a thorough analysis, go for the web application.

Final Thoughts

JungleScout is an outstanding tool for beginners as well as professional merchants. It comes with every tool that you might need while offering goods on a platform as big as Amazon. From assisting you in selecting the perfect item through niche hunter or database and most suitable keywords for enhancing your listings to finding the ideal manufacturer with database and efficiently running your promotional campaigns, this tool has all the features.

Launch is another spectacular tool that lets users automate their process of requesting for feedback by automatically sending emails to their buyers. It also gives you access to a massive audience and lets you create discounts and offers through coupons.

It is available as a web app as well as a plugin for chrome. The web app is a complete package with the tools that can be used for a detailed analysis whereas the extension also includes all the key features for conducting thorough product research but the main advantage of using the plugin is that you don’t have to open a separate window to get the results rather they are available on the product page. Before purchasing any one of them, you must examine the features that they both provide to determine which one best fits your needs.


Q: Is there a free trial?

A: The toolset offers 3 subscription plans but unfortunately none of them comes with a free trial but you can ask for a refund within 14 days of purchasing the package.


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