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20 Mar 18 Wed 12:03
What is Helium 10
Helium 10 Tools
Helium 10 Pricing
Helium 10 Chrome Extension
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

To become a successful Amazon FBA seller, making use of the right tools can never be overstated. On this arduous journey of taking your enterprise to its zenith, you will become familiar with a vast number of software tools all of which will promise to help in making you a successful Amazon FBA seller.

One of such widely used tools that work is the Helium 10. This is a tool used by over 1 million Amazon FBA sellers with lots of testimonies about how Helium 10 has made all parts of selling and growing their products easy. This article will carefully discuss the nitty-gritty of Helium 10.

What is Helium 10

helium 10 tools

In the Amazon e-commerce world, Helium 10 remains the only all in one suite tool used by Amazon FBA to do comprehensive product research, management of inventory, protection against fraud and refunds.

Helium 10 is software that contains a suite of tools to assist Amazon FBA sellers to evaluate the competition in the market, find keyword ranking and discover product ideas.

Initially, when the software was designed, it comprised a suite of 10 tools hence the name, Helium 10. Interestingly today, the suite is made up of several tools more than the 10 it started with and while it would have had its name changed to something else, it retained its original name, Helium 10.  I discuss some of the many tools below:

Helium 10 Tools

The Helium 10 suite contains the following tools:

  1. Cerebro
  2. Magnet
  3. Frankenstein
  4. Scribbles
  5. Keyword Rank Tracker
  6. Helium 10 Black Box
  7. Helium 10 Inventory Protector
  8. Follow-up
  9. Helium 10 Hijacker Alert
  10. Helium 10 Brand Gate Checker
  11. Helium 10 Refund Genie
  12. Helium 10 Misspellinator
  13. Helium 10 Trendster
  14. Helium 10 5K Checker

Now, let us now discuss each of these tools and how they work accordingly.

1. Cerebro

Cerebro can be likened to the nucleus of a cell as it performs some of the most important functions on the Helium 10 suite. Some of these functions include:

Finding Potential Product Ideas

Just as the best keyword tools enable website owners to get ideas on products, Cerebro also allows an Amazon FBA seller to get potential product ideas on Amazon. To begin, such a seller needs to paste an ASIN of an Amazon product and allow Cerebro to do its work which is to bring out all keywords ranking such product has on Amazon.

Finding potential product ideas using Cerebro allows you to see all your competitors rank on Amazon thereby helping you get immediate sales and increasing your product network in the future.

Analyzing Results

After running your product search on Cerebro, you will find hundreds or thousands of keywords related to your search. Cerebro helps you analyze the product results by sorting them in various columns to find the best results.

Providing an IQ Score

After analyzing your product result, Cerebro provides an IQ score based on Helium 10’s algorithm which points to if a particular keyword has a potential or good opportunity. The score result is based on the ratio of search to the products competing. Here, products having a high search volume and fewer competing products score the highest and the higher the number the better.

Precise Volume of Search

It is a wonder how Helium 10 gets precise search volume because Amazon is not so generous to make their search data available to the public. Helium 10 after analyzing the highest IQ scores, sorts by the search volume to determine the products with the highest search volume and this is important because the higher search volume a product gets the better.

Competing Products

A column on Cerebro is that which allows you to see the number of competing products. Though this number is also the same as the number of results that show up when you find that product on Amazon, this does not imply that is the number is in thousands your products can not do well in that category.

However, it is recommendable to find a category with fewer competitors as this will inadvertently mean that your products have better chances of thriving there.

2. Magnet

In Helium 10, Magnet does keyword research by taking your parent or seed keyword and giving you a list of related search terms and allowing you to make your pick from the list. After that, it continues by displaying a list of keyword ideas similar to the initial one you entered including the approximate Amazon monthly search volume for each idea.

Magnet gives you a result directly from Amazon showing;

  1. All keywords related to your search
  2. High volume keywords
  3. Products competing with your keyword search
  4. Top products available 
  5. Frequency of word

After getting your results from Cerebro and Magnet, you may choose to export them to a singular spreadsheet which you can always consult anytime you need it. Carefully comb through every idea and mark any keywords relevant to your product.

3. Frankenstein

Just like in the movies, Helium 10s Frankenstein assembles a bunch of useless, separate parts thereby creating a brilliant machine built to accomplish its given task.

Helium 10s Frankenstein using Amazon's algorithm makes it easier to lay a heavy emphasis on keywords by eliminating useless modifiers and keeping only the main usable keywords. 

Copy your keyword list and paste into Frankenstein after selecting your parameters accordingly to give you a new list which has been completely SEO optimized and will contain all the words you need to mention in your listings.

Using Helium 10s Frankenstein ensures that you have only a list of relevant words you need in your listings to make sure Amazon indexes your brand or product for that keyword.

4. Scribbles

Scribbles is a tool in Helium 10 that ensures you do not forget important keywords in your listings by helping you manually track the keywords you have used and where you used them to give you nothing short of a perfectly optimized Amazon listing.

After Helium 10s Scribbles has correctly optimized your listing to 100%, proceed to your Amazon dashboard and paste a copy of the optimized listing.

5. Keyword Rank Tracker

Before you can use the Keyword Rank Tracker, you must have created your completely optimized listing, get your product manufactured and shipped to Amazon. Once this is done, you must keep a close track of your keyword ranking.

This is where the keyword Rank Tracker comes in. After inputting your product ASIN and keywords, the Helium 10 Keyword Tracker will help you track them to enable you to see and know where you stand and are ranked historically on Amazon.

6. Helium 10 Black Box

Black Box in Helium 10 is a niche based research tool that allows its sellers to narrow down options to the smallest details to get profitable product opportunities which are based on factors such as monthly sales, the volume of search and available competition.

With Helium 10s Black Box, instead of manually searching through niches, search volume monthly sales and reviews, a few clicks on the Black Box allows you access to countless product ideas beneficial to you.

7. Helium 10 Inventory Protector

As an Amazon FBA seller, you may sometimes need to do deep discounts using promo codes, you need to be very careful as some buyers may add multiple units thereby applying the discount to all the units they are purchasing. Sadly, Amazon does not prevent the occurrence of this situation which is potentially harmful to the seller's enterprise. 

Helium 10 Inventory Protector handles this loophole using the API to help avoid losses of this type by setting a limit to the maximum order quantity to one such that buyers are prevented from adding several units to their order and applying the discount to each one of the unit thereby taking advantage of the seller.

8. Follow-Up

This is a feature that allows all busy Amazon FBA sellers who do not have the time to create new emails while trying to reach their buyers to still stay in touch with them via an automated tool called Follow Up which fosters a buyer-seller communications on the highest level.

The Follow Up tool on Helium 10 helps the busy Amazon FBA seller save time, avoid cases of loses from buyers which could have otherwise been avoided, set automation, view orders, organize his products, create samples of email templates for future use and perform crucial sales processes on his account.

9. Helium 10 Hijacker Alert

As beautiful and interesting as selling on Amazon can be, many a time several unpredictable things could go south making it nearly impossible to be a successful FBA seller. One of such ugly experiences is getting listing hijacker.

As the word implies, a hijacker on Amazon is a seller who sells your products too and becomes a second seller on the listing thereby undercutting your price. When this happens, it may be that they are selling a substandard version of your product or they are an utter scam especially if your products are private-labeled. 

Either way, it doesn't look good for the original seller because when a buyer gets the product, he goes back to the original sellers listing, leaves a negative review or worse, report the case to Amazon which may have terrible consequences.

Helium 10 Hijacker Alerts actively notifies you when another seller shows up on your listing so you can either contact them directly to straighten things up or report the situation to Amazon to avoid future problems.

10. Helium 10 Brand Gate Checker 

This tool is similar to the Hijacker Alert. The Helium 10 Brand Gate Checker allows you to know if you are susceptible to a possible hijacking.

When your products are brand gated on Amazon, no one can list your products without providing some written document confirming that they are authorized to do so by you. Though the process may be arduous, it is very important to get your brand gated on Amazon especially if you are doing heavy amounts of business on Amazon.

11. Helium 10 Refund Genie

Another of the unfortunate instances where things go south while selling on Amazon is when Fulfillment By Amazon employees lose or damage your product. Should this happen, you will be notified and automatically get a refund.

In situations where the refund is not forthcoming, perhaps because of an oversight, The Refund Genie integrates with your Amazon account using API and alerts you to such situations start the refund process with some copy and paste templates which are to be sent to Amazon to request a refund.

12. Helium 10 Misspellenator 

Most times due to human error, many words are not spelled correctly when buyers search for products which means that fewer products related to the misspelled keyword will be displayed.

 While Amazon auto-corrects some of the typographic errors made during searches, The Helium 10 Misspellenator shows which words Amazon does not auto-correct and allows you to take advantage of such situations where a buyer makes a spelling mistake and sees 50 results instead of 5,000, your product will be one of the 50 showing giving you a bigger sales opportunity.

13. Helium 10 Trendster

The Trendster tool as it is rightfully named allows you to get a glance at your product in terms of the Amazon market trends showing you sales ranking, price history your product launch date on Amazon.

14. Helium 10 5K or Index Checker

The Helium 10 5K or Index checker servers as a double checker to help you confirm that your product listings are correctly optimized and indexed for all the keywords it should be.

This feature is a time saver as it allows users to save a lot of time while working on the Amazon estimation of product index. Many FBA sellers often make mistakes by not deducing that low-quality keywords would rather prevent the indexation of ranked high-quality keywords thereby reducing the actual number of times your keyword should appear when its searched for.

The Helium 10 5k or index checker tool lets you know which keywords are the bane of your keyword search success and lets you correct them. As such, you no longer have to worry about unwanted profit losses.

If you had used the above tools, you should have nothing to worry about here. However, Helium 10 5K or Index Checker allows you to double-check and make adjustments if need be. To confirm this, simply type your ASIN and keywords list and the tool will cross-check against the Amazons database and give you a comprehensive report for each of the keywords.

Helium 10 Pricing

helium 10

Helium 10 suite of tools has 5 basic pricing plans which depends on if you are paying each month or each year. The pricing plans include;

  1. Free 
  2. A la carte
  3. Platinum 
  4. Diamond 
  5. Elite 

Let us discuss them individually.


The free plan on Helium 10 can be liked to the tip of the iceberg. It comes with fairly minimal use of most of the 13 tools in the suite.

A La Carte

On this plan, an FBA seller using Helium 10 tools only pays for what is used and is often billed within $17-$97 every month.


This Helium 10 plan is much advisable for newbie FBA sellers on Amazon. Here, you get unlimited use of most of the tools including 5,000 emails every month and notifications on 300 ASINs while you are billed at $97 every month.


With the Diamond plan on Helium 10, you can track over 5,000 keywords, review 300 indexes, receive notifications for up to 600 ASINs and get 15,000 emails each month. If you are becoming a big gun on Amazon, The Helium 10 Diamond plan is perfect for you while you will be billed $197 each month.


The Elite plan on Helium 10 is for the big fishes on Amazon who are already making it big. The plan has the same features the Diamond plan to has, just even better. It comes with alerts for up to 1,000 ASINs, 50,000 emails each month and other mouth-watering benefits like a monthly basis training, in-person workshops and access to a Facebook group.

It is important an FBA seller carefully considers which plan is best suited for his enterprise and make use of it to take his business on Amazon to the next level.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

helium 10 reviews

The Helium 10 Chrome Extension is a suite containing 5 time-saving tools from Helium 10 although they are only accessible when a user downloads the Helium 10 Extension from a device supporting Google Chrome.

 These 5 tools readjust user's research by validating product ideas, searching for profitable opportunities, giving profits estimates and validating competitor research. The following are the features of the Helium 10 Chrome Extension:

  1. Review Downloads: Allows you access to what buyers say about products thereby helping you reshape your listings and make better decisions.
  2. ASIN Grabber: This feature allows a user to grab as it were and copy Bulk ASIN to create targeted adverts.
  3. Inventory Viewing: Here a user can view the inventory for any product listed on Amazon within an instant.
  4. Profit Calculator: This feature allows the user to calculate his profit using weight, Fulfillment By Amazon fees, and freight cost as parameters.
  5. Xray: This feature grants access to a user to find profitable market opportunities using market data as given by Amazon. 
  6. Follow-up: This feature allows busy Amazon FBA sellers who do not have the time to create new emails while trying to reach their buyers to stay in touch with them via an automated tool called Follow Up which allows for a buyer-seller communications on the highest level.

This tool helps the Amazon FBA seller save time, avoid cases of losses from buyers which could have otherwise been avoided, set automation, view orders, organize your products and perform crucial sales processes on your account.


Helium 10 remains a very useful suite of tools for all entrepreneurs irrespective of if you are just making your first product sales or you have already started making sales on Amazon. As it stands, this utterly resourceful tool gives an accurate estimation of the demand of the products, provides research and execution of successful launches for the product. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: What is Helium 10 used for?

Helium 10 is a software tool designed for all categories of users on Amazon to perform product research, SEO, manage inventory, request refunds when eligible and serve as protection against fraud and scams.

It also allows you to search for and confirm product ideas, optimize product listings and evaluate the available competition. 

Question: Is the information provided by Helium 10 reliable?

Yes! For one thing, Helium 10 gets its data from Amazon and a system of highly reliable algorithms. Also, the testimonies of users prove that Helium 10 is an accurate tool for performing the above functions. 

Question: What is reverse ASIN?

Amazon Reverse ASIN is a smart way of viewing your competitor's ASINs and reversing the ASINs to view valuable information about your competitor's inventory and sales.

Question: How much does Helium 10 cost?

FBA sellers who wish to make use of the Helium 10 software are free to choose a plan that best suits their business enterprise ranging from free plan to the A La Carte plan where you are charged as you use the tool from $17 - $47 each month, Platinum where you are charged $97 each month, Diamond where you are charged $197 each month and Elite.

Question: How do I find my Amazon ASIN?

Finding your Amazon ASIN is simple and easy. Simply look it up in the Amazon URL when you are on your product page.

Question: Can I test the Helium 10 tools

Absolutely! To test the free tool, subscribe to a free plan to access a limited number of tools and for a short period after which you may choose to get a paid plan or entirely cancel your subscription.

Question: How do I connect my Helium 10 account to my professional Amazon seller account? 

Connecting your Helium 10 account to your professional Amazon seller account can be a bit tasking. To guide you through this in a step by step process, Helium 10 has a support center which will aptly provide the guidance needed to get this done.

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