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Best FBA Calculator

20 Feb 13 Thu 04:12
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What's Amazon FBA?
FBA Fees Types
Best Free FBA Fee Calculators
Which is the Best FBA Calculator?
Paid FBA Calculators
Tactical Arbitrage
Country-Specific Amazon FBA Calculators
The FBA Calculator
When should you use the FBA Calculator?
Fees Included in FBA Calculator
Using FBA Calculator
The Margin Impact
FBA Fees not Included
Is FBA Profitable?
Reducing FBA Costs
Inventory Management
FBA vs eBay Fees

FBA charges fees. Knowing how to calculate these is essential. The fees have different names and their amounts differ. Knowing how much goes to each fee's critical. That's the work of fba calculator . FBA beginners miscalculate fees. That's why they lose money on FBA. Their FBA investments become unprofitable, and they contemplate quitting.

Although there're different fees, they're insignificant compared to profits. Doing it right sees running of profitable business. Learn to calculate fees/profitability via fba profit calculator .

What's Amazon FBA?

FBA is Fulfillment by Amazon. Its operation principle is, sell, then Amazon ships it.

Here're FBA operational steps:

  1. Ship items/products to Amazon.
  2. They store items in warehouses.
  3. Customers order for item.
  4. Amazon does picking/packing, then ships item.
  5. Amazon handles returns and refunds.

Amazon works for you. Yours is simple, theirs is tough. However, pay FBA for services rendered. This payment's FBA fees. Knowing calculation FBA fees'll save from loses.

FBA Fees Types

FBA fees include:

  1. Referral fees- Payment for using Amazon's platform. Items are arranged categorically. Different attract different fees. It's normally about 15% of item's price.
  2. Fulfillment fees- Caters for picking/shipping/packing items. Amazon does these. The item's size determines the value. Smaller items attract lower referral fees. Big items attract higher referral fees. However, it saves that doing such for self. It's only few dollars.
  3. Variable closing fees- It's charged on some product categories. Example, media. It's a flat fee.
  4. Individual seller fees- It's a $1.0 charge per item sold. Only charged on Individual seller accounts. Professioal sellers don't pay individual seller fees.
  5. Subscription fees- A monthly fee of $39.99 charged on professional seller accounts. It saves payment of $1.0 per item sold.
  6. Storage fees- charged for warehouse storage. It prevents long-storage of goods in warehouses.

It's not expensive to sell on FBA as you think. Those fees become negligible when you work right. Amazon has a pool of customers from which you can make millions of dollars monthly. The fees then becomes negligible.

Best Free FBA Fee Calculators

Probably, you know FBA revenue calculator . It's good fro revenue calculation on FBA, making tasks easier. However, there're other FBA calculators, both free and paid. They include:

Jungle Scout

JungleScout create ways to drive traffic to their website. They've great content and resources. JungleScout offers FBA calculator for free. A downloadable worksheet is provided. Download and customize to meet your needs. Jungle Scout calculator is detailed. Get detailed explanations for each fee you pay, including type and amount.

amazon fba calculator

Jungle Scout divides fees into tiers. Choose best tier based on cost and features. Also, install their Chrome extension for smooth working. It gives item details while on product page.

IO Scout

Another type of Scout worth mentioning at this stage is IO Scout. Offering equal great functionality to the other tools available in terms of functionality, yet budget-friendly, IO Scout can offer your Amazon business a lot in terms of elevating success; and their FBA Calculator known as FBA Calc or FBA Revenue Calculator is extremely user-friendly.

amazon fba seller calculator

Viral Launch

Simple even for beginners. With Viral Launch, only item's ASIN/URL is needed to see details. Just paste these then hit Calculate. Watch their free videos and learn more. Use 3 ASINs at a go and determine their profitability. Know possible profit from single unit sale with referral fee considered.

amazon fba fee calculator

Use some Viral Launch features for free. It makes profit determination much easy.

Seller App

The Seller App fba profit calculator is a straightforward tool that you can use to know the profitability of your product. They also offer an amazon fba calculator chrome extension which you can install and be in a position to check the fees each time you click on a product. You can also choose to go with the web version based on your preference.

amazon fba calculator chrome extension

Seller App calculates net profits ad margins. It's free. This saves FBA costs. Seller App can compare FBA and the merchant program. However, no support for sales volume calculation.


Shipbob has simple interface. It's loaded with features. You state item's characteristics. Examples, size, average product cost, weight etc. The calculator returns all details.

fba amazon calculator

After hitting Calculate button, Shipbob gives costs, revenue and profit. It differentiates product from fulfillment costs.


The Salescalc amazon fba fee calculator is most sophisticated of fba calculators. Much data's needed, and is entered manually. However, Salescalc determines determines suitable price set for item for guaranteed net profit.

fba calculator for amazon

Choose category, goal to be specific. Also, state supporting fees and costs. Salecalc gives detailed costs details.


Synccentric has single and bulk calculators. Use any to estimate fees and profit. Import identifiers, ASIN and SKU using Synccentric. Synccentric shows fulfillment costs for many items in single search.

amazon fba revenue calculator

Synccentric helps determine right price for item and monitor current products, avoiding margin erosion.


AMZScout is free. Its interface is simple. Also, install AMZScout as amazon fba calculator chrome extension .

amazon calculator fba

AMZScout gives precise estimation of FBA fees. You estimate expected sales and possible revenue from FBA sales.

AMZScout help identify competitors' positions and predict competition. You can calculate Overall Niche score to predict future success and overall niche worth.


Azgizmo is simple and accessible from Azgizmo's website. No signup or download to use Azigzmo. It needs category, price and dimensions to give accurate fulfillment, closing and monthly storage fees.

Referral fees is determined automatically.


Bqool fba profit calculator determines target and ROI. Bqool identifies FBA fulfillment fees.

It's flexible, making it suitable for you to determine referral, shipping fees and others. Use Bqool to determine item's minimum/maximum price.

Which is the Best FBA Calculator?

Choosing FBA calculator is subjective. Choose calculator meeting your expectations. Budget is important. Evaluate own budget and choose free or paid calculator. Consider important factors before committing to particular calculator.

Paid FBA Calculators

Other than above free calculators, there're paid tools usable as FBA calculators. Other than FBA fees calculation, these tools perform other tasks:


RevSeller calculates FBA fees, and ROI, and margin. It's good for comparisons to see variations. It helps you work from web browser. No leaving web browser to open apps. Simply install RevSeller as chrome extension and get item's details from its page. RevSeller shows expected profit from item's page.

FBA Calculator

RevSeller shows item's restrictions quickly. RevSeller shows statistics like current Rank, offers and price.

RevSeller saves time, you get these quickly. It's a 30-day trial period for free. No card details for this period. After that, payment is $99 yearly.

RevSeller amazon fba calculator chrome extension is for Professional sellers, not individual sellers. To use, upgrade to professional.

RevSeller extension is available for Chrome. Also, no support for mobile versions of Chrome.

RevSeller is for one selling account, but it's install-able on multiple computers.

Sign up for 30-day trial period, and get instructions on installing RevSeller extension on browser. Simple process, detailed instructions.

Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage is good for data filtering. Apply right filters and get desired data. Use Tactical Arbitrage to find profitable items from websites. Get them for resale on Amazon at a profit.

fba profit calculator

Tactical Arbitrage works on mobiles. Tactical Arbitrate gives results with images and URLs. These support sound decision making. Run reverse looks to identify profitable items.

Tactical Arbitrate has 10-day trial period. The fee is $70 to $140 per month based on features.

Country-Specific Amazon FBA Calculators

Not every seller prefers third-party FBA calculators. Amazon fba revenue calculator is good. Use country-specific ones:

The FBA Calculator

Amazon FBA fees calculator is simple calculator for breaking down FBA costs. It tells right price for items. Item's rpice determines profit earned. FBA calculator helps know right item to sell by calculating profit margin. It helps compare FBA to merchant plan.

amazon fba calculator extension

Most calculators allow use of item's URL and ASIN. FBA calculator allows use of keywords. Just mention keywords and get results.

When should you use the FBA Calculator?

It determines profitable items for FBA. Before selling, use calculator to choose best item. It estimates anticipated revenue and expenses to incur. From this, profit is determinable. Know anticipated profit per unit using calculator.

FBA calculator tells margin impact for reducing or raising item price. You identify item's price range. Know minimum/maximum item price to maintain to retain customers while remaining profitable. Use calculator to know margin impact from higher item price.

Do trade-off between FBA and merchant-fulfilled using FBA calculator . Calculator clear picture of costs and margin.

Fees Included in FBA Calculator

Calculator gives amount to pay for each FBA fees. This gives real sense on Amazon costs.

fba profit calculator

FBA calculator splits fee into 3:

  • Seller fulfillment
  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Ship to Amazon

Amount for each is shown after calculation.

Using FBA Calculator

FBA calculator is used the same regardless of the country. These steps include:

Step 1:

First, input identifier for pulling up item's details. Identifier can be ASIN, ISBN etc.

FBA Calculator

Step 2:

After details are pulled, input necessary values to calculate item's margin.

First, enter item's price. Search for related items, noting their prices. Try different prices, seeing impact on item's margin.

Step 3:

Next, fill Ship to Amazon field. It's determined by size, the weight and quantity.

Try different values, seeing impact on margin. If not sure, leave it blank. However, impact'll reflect additional costs, shipping expenses.

Step 4:

Lastly, fill Cost of Product field. It's cost of purchasing single unit from supplier/manufacturer.

It includes costs of materials, customs etc. Once filled, click Calculate.


After click Calculate, FBA calculator returns item's net margin and net profit for, determined by entered values.

Fba fee calculator shows Selling on Amazon and Fulfillment by Amazon fees. These two give Total Fulfillment Cost.

FBA calculator also generates charts, providing visual representation of cost, revenue, etc.

The Margin Impact

With FBA calculator , margin impact can be assessed based on decisions. Reducing item's price to remain competitive is an option. The calculator helps know the period while remaining profitable.

Vary Cost of Product to see margin impact from higher/lower production costs.

FBA Fees not Included

FBA calculator helps estimate FBA costs, but doesn't include all FBA costs. Some FBA fees only apply under circumstances. Know these circumstances to avoid surprises. They include:

Long-term Storage Fees

Twice yearly, inventory in Amazon centers is charged storage fees, not part of monthly storage fees. The calculator won't reflect this. To avoid, choose quick-moving items.

Returns Processing Fees

Charged for free return shipping. Examples, Apparel, Watches, Luggage etc. It equals total fulfillment fee for item. Calculator won't reflect this. If selling above, consider this fee.

Unplanned Service Fees

Inventory not labelled is prepared by Amazon. Specialists do work to prepare it. They charge per-item fee.

First shipment attracts lower charge, but if mistake reoccurs, fees may double. Prepare items well to avoid this fee.

Removal Order Fees

For item return from their warehouses, per unit fee applies. Liquidation/disposal of items warehouses attracts fees.

Is FBA Profitable?

Each seller calculates profit before and sales. To succeed, research well prior to item launch. Research on costs and fees. Estimate potential sales. The difference gives profit.

Market items. This's key to boosting sales. Target international customers. All marketing means must be exercised to boost sales. If you run FBA investment well, you'll earn profits. Sellers are making millions of dollars through FBA.


Some sellers fear FBA fees. They prefer doing tasks by themselves instead of letting Amazon do it. In FBA, specialists do shipping and tasks for you. FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) is when need to do by yourself. You sell and process all orders. Also, you handle returns. FBM may be cheaper but has drawbacks. You handle customers directly.

If you don't ship as Prime shipper, you won't have a special badge on listings. You're competing with sellers with badge. They win more customers. Competition will overwhelm you.

Sometimes, FBA fees aren't expensive, especially for smaller/lighter items. Only $2.41 fee is charged for fulfillment, which is less/equal to your shipping cost. For small items, choose FBA. For heavier items, you can ship. However, be shure prime bagde isn't essential for your item. There's sense shipping yourself.

Again, FBM changes game. FBA facilitates smooth, flexible business. If you ship yourself, fixed costs will rise, business becomes inflexible, warehouse and shipping costs rise. Research before choosing FBM. Small amount may'be saved, but may become expensive later, inflexible and FBA business becomes unsustainable.

FBA has reasonable fulfillment costs for 2-day shipping. However, they're expensive than shipping options like first class mail. FBM's cheaper options economy shipping. 2-day or premier shipping's expensive.

FBA sellers have prime badge, their items made visible to prime buyers. FMB offers prime badge through SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime). 2-day shipping is expensive.

FBA saves fulfillment time. FBM is time-consuming since fulfillment is by self. FBA has higher return rate, but FBA handles for you. FBM has low return rate, but you handle rate. You refund customers for returns.

If new to Amazon and need to overcome competition, choose FBA. FBA provides wider-customer base and faster delivery. FBA does tasks, allowing you focus in building FBA business. FBM gives flexibility to run things as wanted. You do shipping and inventory control, handling customers directly.

FBA's simple, but not free. It eats profit to an extend. You pay FBA for rendered services including shipping. FBA grows businesses faster, and can gain customer trust. They help scale businesses, reaching customers globally.

Reducing FBA Costs

You're thinking of FBA fees. Here're ways to reduce it:

Know Jumps

FBA fees has jumps. Know them. This'll save you hundreds/thousands of dollars monthly. Choose cheaper tiers, not expensive ones.

Explore Alternative Fulfillment Methods

These include FBM, Small, Light. Small, Light offers slower fulfillment with Prime badge and reduced fees for smaller items. Explore these and save cash in long-term .

Use Advanced Programs

Example, SFP. With SFP, you sell wider, making more sales. Sell heavier items, quickly expanding business. Light/small products are more sold on FBA, but heavier items return more ROI and margin. More caution needed, but can take FBA investment to next level.

Reduce Returns

Returns reduce profits. Returns items are damaged or faulty. Some can't be reworked, or re-working them is costly. Negative customer feedback causes collateral damage.

Use automated emails to contact customers planning returns to prevent negative feedback. Also, issue can be resolved and return avoided. Agree with suppliers to give discounts on faulty items.

Sometimes, customers never receive goods. They get lost/damaged on their way. Also, sometimes refunds never get into your account. Follow after these to get refunds.

After noticing returns because of certain issue, resolve it in next orders by improving product. Keep on improving your product in cycles.

Forget Costly Items

If item isn't selling and is costing storage fees, you've to forget it. Don't justify sales/profits, stop it. Liquidate stock, recover initial investment, use it to promote highly-selling item.

Supplier Negotiations

Reduce product costs by ordering more to receive discounts. The cost/unit will reduce. After buying from a supplier for long, negotiate the unit cost of items. A better cost reduces expenses, increasing profits.

Search other suppliers to deliver same item cheaply or higher quality one. Maybe, you initially chose a low supplier. Look for new one. Assess such, know where to improve.

Inventory Management

Inventory management's important. Here're tips:

Know Seasonality

Be updated with trends. Google trends helps. Search keywords and trend spikes. After getting sales data for a year, judge from it.

Supplier Relationship

Create strong relationship with supplier. Your orders will be shipped in time. Your stock may run out and need urgent supply. Ask supplier for favor.

Keep Friends

Keep watching competitors. Know their behavior, trends. If their stock run out, demand rises.


If stock is low, raise price. Stock'll last longer, negate negative fallout of total stockout. Observe competitors' movements and alter price accordingly. Use tools to monitor. FBA tools monitor competitors, adjust prices based competition.

FBA vs eBay Fees

Both platforms favor sellers. However, better option exists after considering factors like time, item sold, amount to sell etc. Also, selling on both's possible. Their fees differ. You think, selling on eBay is cheaper than Amazon. However, Amazon has advantages, allowing for swallowing much fees.

Your decision shouldn't be on fees exclusively, other factors matter. Doing so, you miss FBA benefits. Amazon has FBA, and FBM plans. FBA ushers you to huge opportunities. You'll probably needs its professional seller plan. It's good for selling atleast 40 items monthly. You sell in categories individual sellers can't.

Amazon fees vary based on factors. Size and category matter. Amazon offers customers many services eBay doesn't. That's why FBA fees is higher. Less effort, time is needed to manage Amazon business. On eBay, you work it yourself. Amazon relieves you and in turn pay them.

Amazon has FBM program. Here, you're flexible and do things yourself. Since you relieve Amazon of tasks like shipping, you don't pay for such. This reduce costs. However, costs may sometimes rise depending on item type. FBM gives more control over own Amazon business. FBA allows Amazon specialists work for you, then pay them. It makes work easier, and you focus in building your business.

Amazon items are priced higher than eBay's. More profit is possible on Amazon than eBay. On Amazon, customer base is huge. eBay has smaller customer base.

Although Amazon fees is higher, it's worth the benefits. Amazon has less sellers, more buyers. eBay has more sellers, less buyers.


FBA calculator is useful tool for sellers. Most sellers lose money on FBA, affecting amount of profits. They don't understand various fees charged on FBA. Avoid it with calculator. Knowing how to calculate these is essential The fees have different names and their amounts differ

Amazon charges various fees. Every seller MUST know these. With FBA calulator , you know amount that goes to each category. Use calculate to determine amount of fees to incur and expected profitability before venturing into selling. This prevents surprises on seen deductions from revenue. use calculator to compare FBA and Merchant Fulfillment. It shows costs to incur under each, then choose model wisely.

FBA calculators are many, some free, others paid. To choose calculator, consider your budget and required features. Amazon's small seller base, huge buyer base. eBay's huge seller base, small buyer base. Amazon's far better. FBA program relieves of selling tasks. On eBay, you do yourself.

Explore the most powerful tools to kickstart & grow your Amazon FBA business.