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7 Best Amazon Sales Estimators to Help You Find Profitable Products

20 Feb 11 Tue 07:24
Home Amazon Seller Software 7 Best Amazon Sales Estimators to Help You Find Profitable Products
What is Amazon Sales Estimator?
What is the use of Amazon Sales Estimator?
The Best Amazon Sales Estimators
1. Jungle Scout
2. Helium 10
3. AMZ Scout
4. Seller Legend
5. Unicorn Smasher
6. ASINspector
7. Viral launch
Final Thoughts
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Amazon is a global marketplace for selling products and making money. However, registered sellers on Amazon know how competitive the environment is. It takes quite a lot of effort to push products to attain large sales figures on Amazon.

But did you know that certain tools can give you a rough idea of the number of sales a product can potentially have? Such tools are called sales estimators. In this article, we will talk about the best sales estimators for Amazon.

What is Amazon Sales Estimator?

amazon sales rank calculator

If you’re new to selling on Amazon, then you may not know what Amazon Sales Estimator is. The term is quite self-explanatory – it’s a tool that estimates sales for Amazon products.

Different tools may have different features but the core purpose is the same. You enter a specific product in the estimator, and it will show you relevant data such as total sales in a certain period, customer reviews and ratings, and an estimate of how many sales it can make in a month or year.

Most sales estimators take the sales rank of a product into account while calculating possible sales. A sales rank is a number given to a product based on its category and popularity. Products with higher sales rank are expected to produce more sales, meaning a sales rank of 1 will indicate maximum sales in the given category.

What is the use of Amazon Sales Estimator?

The basic usage of a Amazon sales estimator is to find out the number of sales a product may have based on the past and present data. So, its main purpose is to let sellers know what products will perform best.

Other than that, a sales estimator also provides extensive insight into customer preferences, trending categories, and other valuable data. You can check what products are selling the most, and the ones which are not doing well. 

Apart from the market insight, statistical data is also useful in deciding on new product ideas. If you have an idea for a product you want to launch, you can use the Amazon sales estimator to check if the customers will buy your products or not.

Sales and marketing are very fluid areas; there are no hard and fast rules and it’s all about planning, trial, and error. So, depending on your marketing strategy, you can use a sales estimator for various purposes.

The Best Amazon Sales Estimators

There are many sales estimator tools available online, but most of them charge a subscription fee for their services. When you are willing to pay for these tools, then it’s only obvious that you want the best option that will give value for your money. That is why we have listed 7 best Amazon Sales Estimators that will help you find profitable product ideas and boost your e-commerce sales.

1. Jungle Scout

amazon sales estimator

Jungle Scout estimator is our first pick for the best Amazon Sales Estimators. From sales data to keyword optimization, they offer a variety of features which are explained below.

Key Features

1. Product Database

Jungle Scout has an extensive product database that gives you info on different parameters of a product such as average sales per day, total customer reviews, different sellers offering the product, and average price.

2. Product Tracker

The Product Tracker feature lets you add certain products that you can monitor over a specific period. It gives sellers an insight into time-based sales and consumer behavior, and how the sale figures change with time.

3. Supplier Database

Supplier database gives you info about different suppliers that are selling products on certain categories, and how well they are performing in terms of sales and popularity. It’s useful to analyze which sellers are going to be your biggest competitors for a specific product.

4. Keyword Scout

The purpose of the Keyword Scout is to inform sellers about the best keywords that will attract traffic to your product. For any product or category, it will suggest the most searched keywords. It’s important to find the appropriate keywords for your product catalog.

5. Sales Analytics

The sales analytics feature provides a detailed dashboard to track and manage your sales activity and revenue. Analyzing your sales activity over time will give you insights to generate better ideas for boosting sales and profit.


Jungle Scout offers two products – the main software and a browser extension. Their pricing varies according to the number of orders per month.

The basic plan for 500 orders per month is given below:

  1. Jungle Scout Software: $39 per month billed annually
  2. Browser Extension: $19 per month billed annually
  3. Software + Extension combo: $49 per month billed annually

2. Helium 10

amazon sales volume estimator

Experienced Amazon FBA sellers may be familiar with Helium 10, as it’s quite a popular Amazon sales rank calculator . Let’s take a look at its features.

Key Features:

1. Black Box

The Black Box offers a huge database of more than 450 million products, with various filters to sort the product data as per requirement. Apart from the usual sales figures, prices, and review, it even provides data on product dimensions, weight, and other specifications

2. Scribbles

Scribbles is the keyword research and optimization feature of Helium 10. It helps the seller find keywords that are commonly used by buyers to search for certain products. Integrating these keywords in your product listings will increase the product’s visibility.

3. Refund Genie

Refunds are a headache, be it due to product damage or delivery problems. The Refund Genie is a feature that lets you easily manage all your product refunds and simplifies the process of claiming reimbursements.

4. Xray

The Xray is a browser extension that integrates Helium 10 features to your web browser for easy access. With the extension, you can easily access detailed product information with just a click.

5. Inventory Protector

The Inventory Protector protects your products from scammers and opportunists. It lets you set product limits which are especially useful when you are offering discounts and promotional offers for your product.


Helium 10 offers monthly and annual packs, as shown below.


  1. Free plan with limited features: $0
  2. Platinum plan: $97/month
  3. Diamond plan: $197/month
  4. Elite plan: $397/month


  1. Free plan: $0
  2. Platinum plan: $970/year
  3. Diamond plan: $1970/year
  4. Elite plan: $397/month billed annually

3. AMZ Scout

amazon sales rank calculator

AMZ Scout is an online Amazon sales calculator . You must log in to their website to access the various features as listed below.

Key Features:

1. Product Database

AMZ Scout’s product database offers details on millions of products that can be sorted out with more than 40 filters, such as categories, seller type, and specifications such as price, Amazon sales rank , ratings, and sales estimate.

2. Keyword Tracker

The Keyword Tracker lets you map down how certain keywords rank over time. It also provides data on how changing keywords affects product visibility and overall sales.

3. Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer helps sellers to find the best keywords for their product listings, as well as PPC ads. Targeting most relevant and popular keywords will bring in more organic traffic to the product.

4. Free Tools

AMZ Scout also provides some free tools such as:

  • Amazon FBA calculator – It helps sellers to calculate the FBA fees and estimate net profit.
  • Sales Estimator - This free estimator will give you a predicted sales figure based on just two things – product category and product rank.
  • Stock Status – Lets you check your competitors' inventory, so you plan your sales and stock in advance.


AMZ Scout also has a monthly plan and a yearly plan.

  1. Monthly : The basic plan for $29.99 /month, Starter plan for $39.99/month , and Business plan for $59.99/month .
  2. Annual : The basic plan for $14.99 /month, Starter plan for $19.99/month , Business plan for $29.99/month .

The best part is that they are currently offering a lifetime subscription of $199/month.

4. Seller Legend

Seller Legend is another useful sales estimator tool that also lets you control and manage your seller account more efficiently. Here are its key features.

Key Features:

1. Dedicated Dashboards

The user dashboard of this tool is highly customizable and provides multiple data and statistics from a single interface. With multiple filters and widgets, most of the required info can be accessed from the dashboard which makes things very quick and convenient.

2. Sales Monitor

The Sales Monitor lets sellers keep an eye on all the sales and revenue-related data, such as average sales, conversion rates, revenue earned over time, etc. It helps to identify key areas that can help to boost sales and profits.

3. Order Management

Order Management is a feature that helps the seller in keeping a proper record of pending, completed, and on-going orders. It also provides information on discounts and coupons redeemed in your product orders. It’s a great feature for sellers who have a large inventory and handle many orders every day.

4. Inventory Management

As the name suggests, this feature is for managing inventory details such as current inventory, inbound and outbound items, and estimations as to when the inventory will run out and restocking will be needed. It acts as a central database for all info related to your product inventory.

5. Customer Management

Seller Legend also has a dedicated feature for customer management. Here, you can get a list of all customers, recurring customers, products purchased by each buyer, etc. It also lets you manage customer segmentation based on parameters like age, sex, gender, demographics, and the like.


  1. Starter plan: $49.99 per month
  2. Advanced plan: $59.99 per month
  3. Professional plan: $69.99 per month
  4. Enterprise plan: $99.99 per month

The enterprise plan offers all available features while the other plans have restrictions based on their hierarchy.

5. Unicorn Smasher

sales estimator

Unlike other entries on this list, Unicorn Smasher is a free Amazon sales volume estimator tool that will appeal to new and inexperienced sellers. Even without a price tag, they offer useful features as explained below.

Key Features

1. All-in-one Dashboard

Unicorn Smasher has a simple and convenient dashboard that lets you manage all the important information in one place. Without having to frequently switch interfaces, sellers can access and navigate through various statistical and research data seamlessly.

2. Sales Estimate Counter

This tool has an accurate sales estimator that provides a predicted value for average monthly sales based on different parameters. It gives you info on past and present sales figures and uses this information to project an estimated number of sales.

3. Revenue Estimate Counter

The Revenue Estimate Counter helps in predicting the revenue you can make based on the projected sales. You can use this feature to find out which products or categories are the most profitable on Amazon.

4. Favorite Items Counter

Unicorn Smasher lets users mark certain items as favorites, which gives quick access to the items you are researching on. You can streamline your research process by marking the main items you are focused on as favorites.

5. Sharing and Export Tools

These are tools that let you share your research with relevant parties, and export product data to other formats. That way, you can easily run your research data through different tools for better and efficient results.


As stated above, Unicorn Smasher is a free sales estimator and tool that can be downloaded for no cost.

6. ASINspector

amazon sales volume estimator

ASINspector is product research and sales estimator Amazon tool that helps sellers to find products that can perform well in the market and are worth investing in. Let’s take a glance at their features.

Key Features:

1. Sales and Revenue Estimator

This feature provides you with instant information on sales estimates for certain products and the possible revenue that you can earn. Along with that, it also provides historical data on different products and their sales statistics over time.

2. Keyword Analyzer

As with most other tools, ASINspector also has a Keyword Analyzer that lets you find the most popular keywords for specific products or categories. You can integrate those keywords into your product listings to get better exposure through organic searches.

3. Color Coding

A unique feature of ASINspector is that you can mark your researched products under with three color codes – Red for products that are likely to flop, Green for products that have high chances of succeeding, and Yellow for products that can go either way. This helps you to sort the products and skim through those items that are not estimated to bring high sales.

4. Profitability Calculator

The Profitability Calculator is a useful feature that lets you calculate the net after cutting all applicable deductions and expenses. By entering relevant details, you can quickly get an estimate of how profitable a certain product is.

5. Cross-Platform Research

This feature allows Amazon FBA sellers to research the pricing, popularity, and availability of products on other e-commerce or retail sites such as Alibaba and eBay. This gives greater marketing insights into customer preferences and trending categories or products.


ASINspector has a simple pricing scheme. You can purchase their Standard plan for a one-time payment of $97, and the Pro+ plan for a one-time payment of $127 (with $10 per month for access to unlimited data).

The standard plan has limited features while the pro plan grants access to all features.

7. Viral launch

amazon sales rank

The final sales estimator on our list is Viral Launch, a comprehensive Amazon product research tool that has many interesting features which are explained below.

Key Features:

1. Product Discovery

The Product Discovery feature lets sellers find the most trending categories and the best ranking products in each category. It also provides a sales estimate for products based on empirical and historical data.

2. Reverse Searches

A Reverse Search option is also available in Viral Launch. Normal searches are where you enter a product and its details to find the sales and revenue estimate. Reverse Search is when you enter the sales and revenue figures that you expect, and it will give you a list of products that fit your estimates. So, it helps you to find suitable products based on your target for sales and profit.

3. Keyword Manager

The Keyword Manager helps you target popular keywords to use in your product listings or PPC ads. It also gives you information on which keywords are used frequently by other sellers and how it has affected their sales.

4. Listing Analyzer

The Listing Analyzer is a feature that works together with the keyword manager. After you have finalized your product info by using the most relevant keywords, the Listing Analyzer will run a quick analysis of the product listing to check how it will fare against your competitors.

5. Competitor Intelligence

Competitor intelligence is an incredibly useful feature that provides details related to your competitors’ products, sales, and overall performance. You can use it to better understand the strategies and preferences of bestsellers, and replicate or improvise their methods to provide even better results for your product.



  1. Beginner plan: $59 per month
  2. Pro plan: $99 per month
  3. Brand Builder: $149 per month
  4. Kinetic Plan: $199 per month


  1. Beginner plan: $50 per month
  2. Pro plan: $83 per month
  3. Brand Builder: $125 per month
  4. Kinetic plan: $166 per month

All annual plans come with an additional two-month free offer.

Final Thoughts

We’ve listed the 7 best Amazon sales estimator tools for your convenience. If you are serious about growing your business as an Amazon FBA seller, then it’s essential to have these tools at your disposal. While most of them have subscription charges, the features they provide will prove to be more valuable than the price you pay for it.

For starters, it’s best to select the most basic or beginner plan to get used to these tools and their functions. Once you gain more experience and are well acquainted with the market, you can upgrade to advanced plans.

Whether you are looking for product launch ideas, optimizing your product listings, or searching for new strategies to boost sales, these sales estimator tools can make your work easy, effective, and profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to find the best Amazon Sales Estimator?

There are many Amazon sales rank estimator tools available in the market, so it can be confusing to find the one that best suits your needs. There are three things you should look for in a sales estimator tool – user feedback, key features, and pricing. Based on these factors, you can choose the best tool for your needs.

For best results, opt for one of the Amazon sales estimator tools that we have listed above.

2. How do I find sales rank on Amazon?

You can find the sales rank of any product on Amazon in the product listing page itself. Open the product page on Amazon, go to the Product Information section, and you’ll find its sales rank listed as “Best Sellers Rank”. Or simply, visit the product page, press Ctrl + F, and then type in Best Sellers Rank to directly find the sales rank without scrolling around.

3. What is considered as a good sales rank on Amazon?

Sales rank is not a very reliable parameter as it keeps on changing regularly. However, it does give a general idea about how popular the product is. So the idea is - the higher the sales rank, the more popular is the product.

Newly listed products will initially have a lower rank, probably in the thousands. With every sale, the rank increases little by little. If you make huge sales in a short time, your product can become thebestseller in its category.


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