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Amazon Sales Rank and everything you must know about it.

20 Mar 13 Fri 09:52
Home Advanced Tips Amazon Sales Rank and everything you must know about it.
Introducing Amazon Sales Rank
How is Amazon sales rank calculated?
The top 3 tools to inspect, increase and monitor Amazon sales rank
Amazon Sales Rank Chart - are those available?
Final thoughts

Introducing Amazon Sales Rank

To simply put, the Amazon Sales Rank, or the Best Seller Rank is the indicator of your success! From this number you can see whether you, or your competitors fare better - the higher your rank is, the better you do. This number is given to every product that's being sold in a category - your product is ranked against every other product of its category. With this, Amazon gives you, your fellow sellers, and your buyers an idea about what's hot. The smaller this assigned rank indicator number is, the better your placement is. So this means, if you are have Sales Rank 1, then you are the top dog of your category.

When you start your journey as an Amazon seller, you have to work very-very hard to get to the top 100,000, because under than that, you just waste your time. This, however, is still not enough, you must - and it's a real MUST - work hard to first reach the top 10,000, then the top 1,000, and finally, the top 100 ranks. There is a quite linear correlation between Amazon rank and sales: if you sell a lot of your products, you get higher ranks, with the higher ranks you sell more, and with more sales the reviews start coming, and with that, your ranks grow too. It's a hellish circle, and it's going to drive you mad, but if you manage to ride it, you can reach the skies!

In the following guide we are going to provide you with the necessary information about the Amazon Sales Rank. There is going to be a part with mumbo-jumbo and math when we try to go into details about how this rank is calculated. Then, you can read a mini-guide about the key factors that impacts your ranking, and we are going to provide some details about how you can boost your Amazon Sales Ranks. To help you even further, we provide you with info on best three tools you could use to enhance your ranking by performing product research, keyword research and more.

Your Amazon Sales has a direct impact on how many products you sell daily. Higher ranking products have better velocity, while items ranking in places of more than five digits may hardly sell at all. Let's see an exact example of this.

what does amazon sales rank mean

This screenshot is taken from one of the tools we are going to introduce to you. We used the search term "wifi range extender", and these are the first 10 results. As you can see, there are quite different rankings in this short list. This little spreadsheet has more data than what a simple non-Amazon seller mind could comprehend, but we help you to understand. So, there is a column with the prices, which is quite different, the highest ranking product cost $36.95, while the lowest ranking (#83,239) costs only $29.99. Setting the price to a fine level is essential, because that has a direct impact on how much profit you can make, and it also affects your rankings, as it has an effect on your sales.

In this example, the first two items are sold by Amazon, and you can't compete with that. If you are a new play in the Amazon selling industry, and you have access to cheap wifi range extenders, you'll probably prefer to do it through the Fulfillment By Amazon service, which means Amazon handles picking, packing and shipping your products. From these ten results, let's pick the ones with FBA, and a rank: 9 and 10 are the winners. These two not exactly mainstream items have fine net profit margins, there is low competition (only one seller).

There is something you may have noticed by now: we haven't picked a category when we started our search. This is why you can see wifi range extender ranking 933 in the Patio, Lawn and Garden category, and a similar product from the Camera and Photo category, ranking at 2,152! When using tools such as this (it's called IOScout), you have to choose a category, otherwise you'll end up with mixed results like us.

A common question is whether Best Seller Rank is the same as Amazon Sales Rank? Yes, they are the same - BSR indicates the performance of the product in its main and sub-categories. This means there are several sales rank Amazon puts on a products page, so you can measure its performance against the main categories, or in the different sub-categories.

How is Amazon sales rank calculated?

Up to this day, there hasn't been any guidelines released by Amazon to answer this question for good. However, clever people and the capabilites of machine learning made it possible to gather some intel about how exactly this rank calculation works. it seems that the BSR updates every hour, so you may be on the top in the morning, but at the end of the day you are hundreds or thousands lower. As far as the current ranking metrics are concerned, here are a few major points that contribute:

  • Sales : the number of sales impact your Amazon sales rank in a direct way. The more sales you make the better ranks you reach. It's a base rule of this equation. Amazon considers a deal a sale when payment is cleared, so you might have to wait a few hours to see your rank change in accordance with product.
  • Recent and historical data : it looks like the most recent sales weigh more when Amazon's software calculates the new rank of a product. Data of previous sales still matter, and it contributes toward Amazon sales rank.
  • New items don't have sales ranking - if they start to sell, the calculations start, and they receive a BSR.
  • Some variations don't have Amazon sales ranking

Contributing factors of Amazon Sales Ranking, and how to polish them

There are many objective and subjective factors that contribute towards the Amazon sales rank, and if you plan to reach the top, or at least breach the walls into the upper 10,000, you have to work on those. As a thumb rule, we can say that to get good sales ranking you have to have a great product in the right niche with a proper product page. At a first glance, it might look easy, but when you get to the point where you are stuck at a rank and you can't break through, you will find that it's harder than it looks. What is the main goal of an Amazon seller who wishes to sustain a good ranking? Well it's to reach a steady sales velocity, and a healthy product reputation. The following points cover the most important factors to consider.

  1. Product : every Amazon sellers' journey starts with finding a profitable and sellable product. This process is called product research, and unfortunately, you can't fool around with it. You can ask any successful Amazon seller what was the first step they took to build a successful business, and they will answer the same: finding a niche and a product to rule it all! There are numerous tools online which gives you insight about product history, sales data, keywords and other measurements. First, you have to come up with an idea. It's a good method to brainstorm a list of products, or just expressions, test them on Google to find out their overall search performance. You should avoid seasonal products for example, or products that are too niche and has small selling potential.
  2. Listings : in order to have a flow of sales and keep your BSR ranking, you have to be very selective as to what you write and how your write it in your product listings. This is called listings optimization. For this guide we handle keyword research and text optimization as parts of a bigger picture.
  3. Product Title: it has to be clear, contain one high-volume keyword, and it has to feature the brand, the product name and some it's main features.
  4. Product page, description: this is the big deal. When you have done your keyword research, you must try to implement the most well-performing ones in your description. It would be a good idea to have clear, nicely edited and simple description.
  5. Product pictures: Amazon has a guideline for product photos, you should heed the advice in that, so your photos will make your product rank much better.
  6. Use bullet points: people are lazy to read through thick paragraph detailing every inch of your product. To get through your buyers you have to assume that the people viewing your product are in a hurry. Highlight at least five of the most important (the really important) features of the product and make a bullet point list about them.
  7. Pricing : the proper pricing is the quintessence of successful Amazon marketing. You can't go too high or you won't sell, and you can't go too low because you won't make any profit. It's rather important to get ahead of your competition, so when you run promotions (giveaways, coupon deals, etc.) you won't lose on your profit. As a ground rule, you should consider offering products in the $20-$30 range, so they might give you profit, yet it's still worth to buy for the buyers.
  8. Reviews and rating : A successful Amazon product has to have a consistent number of reviews and ratings. It should be one of your main goals to get as much reviews as you can. To do so, you have to make sure you do some follow-up with your buyers and encourage them to leave a review. There are numerous programs for that too. Unfortunately, you can't undo bad ratings, but if you have the right software toolkit, you might receive instant notifications, and you might mitigate damage, while you endeavour to help your customer. You may remember the circle: sales bring reviews, reviews bring sales, which lead to Amazon sales rank increases.
  9. Sales : selling more and more of your product is very important to get better ranking. You can boost this if you start promoting your product on social media, Amazon, in Google, or even local mediums! For successful marketing campaigns you have to research the proper keywords, and know your product and niches!

Now, if you consider these points above, and you have the means to perfect those details, you might just get the best Amazon Sales Rank your product is capable of reaching. We are quite sure you will manage to do it, and the three great tools we are about to show you will help you out in the process!

The top 3 tools to inspect, increase and monitor Amazon sales rank


In principle IOScout is a quite handy product research tool. This is the main feature it can offer for you, but as we've already discussed before, product research is essential. There are quite many guides out there, that claim to grant you the Holy Grail of Amazon sellers' success. However, there is no surefire solution, you can only scratch the surface of understanding the path that leads to a successful Amazon story. They say that the best-selling products have some common attributes, and if your product meets them, you'll get good ranks pretty soon. Here they are:

  • The price is set between $10-20, the maximum is $30.
  • You can make it yourself, you can source it for fraction of the price you set, thus you can maximize profit.
  • It's smaller and lightweight, so it's cheaper to handle with FBA.
  • Similar items have been best sellers, or have/had high Amazon Sales Rank.

Using IOScout is quite easy: you have to select a category, you can also set parameters, such as price, weight, rank, number of reviews, and so on. Additional options cover attributes like: type (FBA, FBM, Amazon), BuyBox, out of stock. You can also enter ASIN and keyword, or by brand, and IOScout offers an option to add excluded keywords too.

Apart from these, IOScout offers features such as historical data, data export, Chrome extension and trending information. It's not a free tool, but it's one of the best and most affordable tools. There are three plans, the Start-UP, the Seller and the Business. Each of these grant you access to the features of IOScout, the only exception is the Chrome extension, which comes with only the Seller and Business plans. If you prefer monthly payments, you have that option, but with the annual payment plan you can save up to 60% of the price.

amazon rank

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is probably one of those few Amazon seller tools that barely need any introductions. This is a complete toolkit, designed and developed to help every Amazon seller to reach her/his goals. It would be wise to get try it out sometime, as it offers you all the software you need to track, gather and analyze product data. If we consider the bullet points we mentioned above regarding what contributes toward Amazon Sales rank, then we can safely say that Jungle Scout has it all. As a basic solution, it offers product and keyword research. It also has a service called Launch, which is an autoresponder, and it's connected to Jump Send, where you can offer discount coupons for eager Amazon buyers. It means you can get some more certain sales, and they likely leave review and star rating feedback too.

amazon sales rank tracker

Jungle Scout specializes in Amazon FBA sellers, so if you plan to jump into business taking advantage of the Fulfillment By Amazon, then it's a great tool for you. It's not the cheapest solution though, and that's something you have to consider. The web-software costs $49 per month, the web-app and the extension costs $69 a month, while the extension itself is only $39 per month. In case you would and could afford Jungle Scout, you should consider the annual payment, that saves you a lot of money on the long run.


Now Algopix is not that well-known as Jungle Scout, but it has some really nifty tools for you. This is a serious market research tool, granting you access to powerful tools and handy charts to analyze sales data and draw the right conclusions to make decisions. Preferably, you will make the right calls. Algopix is packed with features, and from product research to demand forecasts and pricing suggestions, everything is there for you to help.

The key features of Algopix are:

  • Product Analytics: it gives the major portion of Algopix software solutions. Aside from the regular product research options, you should consider using the product demand level tool, which calculates the possible demand level of a given product, using current and historical data. Algopix offers access to bulk researches too. With product discovery, you can find listings related or including the keywords you enter.
  • Pricing tools: just like we've stated above, setting the right price is hard, while it's one of the most important steps of setting foot on Amazon. The Algopix tools offer you valuable market overview for the product you choose, including pricing of the product on Walmart, eBay and other marketplaces. This way, you could easily find the right place which may increase your potential profits.
  • APIs: Algopix has a selection of APIs for enterprise customers, which they can use to really get ahead of their competition, and have some fine tools to gather and analyze data.

Algopix prices are in the normal range. The monthly subscription costs, $34.99, but if you choose annual billing, the price goes down to $27.99 per month. Considering that there are more than 65,000 enterprise customers of Algopix, and it has multi-marketplace reaches, it's quite serious, and the tools it offers could be considered as gifts for this price.

Amazon Sales Rank Chart - are those available?

At this time, we have no information that there is any charts about Amazon Sales Rank. There were such charts back in the days, but Amazon took the info away, and they never gave it back. You wouldn't find to much use of those anyway. What we could recommend for you to do is to go and find yourself a fine Amazon sales rank calculator. Well, estimators to be exact. There are many of those apps online, and they are somewhat accurate.

Most of these calculators offer you the option to enter a sales rank number, pick a category, and choose the market. Then, the software calculates the possible monthly/daily sales you could expect. The accuracy of these tools is debated throughout the internet. You have to try it to learn whether those doubts are valid or not.

Final thoughts

Drawing the bottom line about Amazon Sales Rank and its meaning is not easy. If you read through this article carefully, you may have a thought, a faint idea about what is it and how it works. This is the most important indicator an Amazon seller could chase, and the less digit they reach, the happier they are. In case you are just trying to start your Amazon FBA business, knowing the Amazon sales rank's whats and hows is a good idea!


What is a good sales rank on Amazon?

Less than four digits, and you can feel like you're the king of world! Except if there are less than 10,000 products in that category. In that case, you have to work harder to go to the three digit ranks, preferable starting with a four. The first step is always to reach the upper 50%, then go for the upper 25%, and if you are in the upper 10%, you rock!

How to find product rank on Amazon?

It's always featured on the product page. You need to scroll down to the Product Information section.

How to rank higher on Amazon?

There are many factors to consider: product type, potential and category. Also, you have to make a professional listing for your product, gather reviews and ratings, and start to promote your product to gain more sales. Because more sales lead to better sales ranks, and that leads to even more sales!

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