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Amazon Listing Optimization – How to Get Ten Steps Closer to The Top of Your Product Niche

20 Mar 17 Tue 21:17
Home Advanced Tips Amazon Listing Optimization – How to Get Ten Steps Closer to The Top of Your Product Niche
What is Amazon's A9 Algorithm, and How Does it Work?
Amazon Product Listing Elements that the A9 Algorithm Works With
Optimizing Your Amazon's Product Title
Optimizing Your Amazon's Product Images
Optimizing Your Amazon's Product Description
Your Product Reviews
Optimizing Your Amazon's Product Features
Your Product Ratings
How to Optimize your Amazon Product Listings?
3 Top Amazon Listing Optimization Tools Worth Investing In
Amazon Listing Optimization Services
Final Thoughts

amazon listing optimization tool

If You are here because the Amazon sales competition is stiffer than you anticipated, and you need some help…. Hi, and welcome. I hope you find the tips, tricks, and advice listed in this article useful on your Amazon product listing optimization journey.

With more and more people joining the Amazon platform every year as a seller, the competition to stay at the apex of your product niche is fiercer than ever.

Everyone wants to snag that Amazon raking of between 1 to 3, or at least below 1000, hence they are at the top of their game in regards to their Amazon listing optimization. Before we delve into the heavy stuff, lets first introduce the absolute newbies to what the heck Amazon listing optimization is anyway.

Amazon product listing optimization involves the steps you take to ensure that your would-be buyers not only find you on the Amazon platform, but ultimately make purchases from you now and in the future.

To ensure that you have a fair chance at making a decent amount of sales on the platform, you need to arm yourself with tips and tricks to help you stay on top and stay in tune with the times.

The Amazon platform algorithm does change from time to time, and oftentimes, what you knew to work in terms of being in great terms the algorithm, might not work so well, a few weeks or months down the line.

The bottom line? Amazon product listing optimization is something any serious Amazon seller, who hopes to become successful in that endeavor, needs to take seriously.

Now that we have scratched the surface in regards to what Amazon listing optimization is, let us get into the heavy stuff.

What is Amazon's A9 Algorithm, and How Does it Work?

The Amazon A9 algorithm is the artificial intelligence that works the Amazon platform to gather and analyze data, which helps to rank products and ultimately better match buyer inquiry with relevant product suggestions.

When you type in a search inquiry on the Amazon platform, you are hoping to get only the best product suggestions, and not just any random suggestions. That is what the Amazon A9 hopes to achieve.

To determine the highest form of relevance for all search queries, the Amazon A9 algorithm looks to certain features, and factors to achieve this.

When the Amazon A9 AI scans and analyzes both historical and real-time, it is able to make the best product suggestions by looking out for search patterns in regard to these factors we would touch on in a bit. 

Amazon Product Listing Elements that the A9 Algorithm Works With

amazon listing optimization service

As stated above, the A9 algorithm takes certain factors into consideration before it regards your product as being of excellent quality enough to suggest to your would-be buyers.

So, in regards to how to optimize Amazon listing excellently, there are certain things about your listing you need to tidy upon, to ensure that your product gets a high ranking.

We will be taking on each of these elements of your Amazon product listing that needs to be optimized below. 

Optimizing Your Amazon's Product Title

When you conclude your Amazon product listings, what does your listed product title say? does it just say "pretty pink cup?' or does the listing carry excellent descriptive keywords that place you right in front of your would-be buyers?

Your product title is very significant, and here, you have the opportunity to tell your would-be buyers that you have for sale, precisely what they are looking for.

This is the first line of Amazon product listing optimization, in my opinion.

Instead of just throwing a bunch of random keywords together you think might get you in front of the right people, you should invest some time into doing adequate keyword research, and gather a good number of high-quality keywords that are relevant to your product.

It is important that you include as many keywords as possible in your amazon product listing title, but still, try to make it sound sensible.

Investing some time in doing keyword research is totally worth it. 

Optimizing Your Amazon's Product Images

In regards to product image optimization, I have come to understand that a good number of people totally ignore this part.

Optimizing your product images, as part of your amazon product listing optimization endeavor is just as important as any other aspect of optimization.

For your product images, you are given the option of adding up to 9. Some people just upload one or two, and that's it. I always advise uploading pictures to fill up all the 9 slots you are given.

Each image should be of high quality and should clearly show your product in all of its glory. If you are terrible at taking excellent product photos as I am, you can invest in the services of a professional product photographer. 

Optimizing Your Amazon's Product Description

With the product description, you have the mother lode on your hands in regards to excellent Amazon product listing optimization. You have the chance to tell your would-be buyers just how excellent your product is, and why they need to whip out that debit card and make a purchase immediately.

You get about 3000 characters in the product description section, and you need to make every one of them count. You need to go straight to the point, and connect with your would-be buyer, in simple everyday words, and leave the manufacturers jargon for the product investors.

Not only should you effectively communicate the value of your products in the product description, but you should also include your focus keywords here as much as possible, but don't overdo it.

Too many keywords could take away from your product description, making it nearly unreadable and in bad taste.

Your Product Reviews

Listen, even if you were giving people gold bars for free, there would be some people who would never be lost on negatives tales to send your way.

Getting positive reviews is also a significant factor in regards to your Amazon listing optimization.

Now, it is true that no matter how great your product is, lots of folks would still have something negative to say, but you still have to ensure that whatever product you are selling on the Amazon platform is of top-notch quality.

When your product is excellent, and you get those nasty but unfounded reviews now and then, your positive reviews which would significantly outnumber the negative because your product is excellent, would overshadow the few negative ones.

The more positive reviews and ratings you have, the more the Amazon algorithm would suggest your products to more would-be buyers, as the algorithm would believe your product to be one of the best in your product niche.

Optimizing Your Amazon's Product Features

With your product features, you are given a limit of 1000 characters, and like with your product description, you need to make sure that every character counts.

Here, you will use bullet points to highlight the features of your product.

Instead of just saying that hey, “this tea mug is excellent for drinking tea”, or “that it is made of dense and durable material, you can say that “due to the thick and sturdy make material and design of the tea mug, it makes for a great hot beverage drinking experience, as it keeps most of the heat from burning your fingers”.

I know the example above is quite a mouthful, but you should understand what I am driving at.

Always try to highlight just how valuable each feature of your product is, instead of just listing the features.

Your Product Ratings

Product ratings are just as important as product reviews. I would say that both positive ratings and positive reviews go hand in hand.

Both positive ratings and reviews help to tell both your would-be buyers and the Amazon algorithm that your products are the stuff of excellence.

In regards to getting excellent ratings, it goes beyond just stocking up on high-quality products. You have to go all the way and ensure that even your customer experience is top-notch.

Sometimes, your products may be of high quality and worth the money, but the customer experience is the exact opposite.

Maybe it took forever for your customers to get their products, their tracking numbers didn’t get to them on time, or the response from your customer support was just plain rude. All of these and more might take away from your positive ratings.

Instead of getting high ratings for your great product, the overall bad experience might take away from said high ratings.

High product ratings are very important; try to gather as many as possible by providing a top-notch overall customer experience.

How to Optimize your Amazon Product Listings?

There are typically three ways you can work your Amazon listing optimization, and they include:

1. On-page optimization

With on-page optimization, you tackle the elements of optimization we touched on above.

On-page optimization means working on your title, product features, product description, product images, reviews etc., and ensuring that they are in tune with the requirements of the Amazon algorithm, for it to offer your product a high ranking.

If you decide to work your on-page optimization on your own, you would have to do a lot of research. You need to stay on the book and keep in tune with the current tips and tricks to work the Amazon algorithm in your favor.

2. Employing Amazon listing optimization tools

If you decide to go with the route of employing the use of Amazon listing optimization tools, in my opinion, it is a lot easier than the manual on-page optimization.

The above being said, you would still have to do some manual work, which would include the processing of data, collected by these Amazon listing optimization tools, and working your Amazon selling endeavors based on said called data.

What these tools do in a nutshell, is to collect relevant real-time and historical data about a product or product niche, and armed with this data; you would be able to predict sales volumes, profit margins, patterns and even be able to draw up superior marketing strategies to help boost your sales from this data.

There are tons of tools that are excellent for your Amazon listing optimization, but the trouble usually is, finding the most affordable one, that still gets the job done excellently.

In regards to which of these tools to go with, we will be listing a few below.

3. Employing the services of an Amazon listing optimization expert

An Amazon listing optimization expert is an individual with a certified skillset, which can be employed to help your products rank better on the Amazon platform. This would ultimately lead to improved sales.

This is the third option you can go within your Amazon listing optimization services.

For those people who do not have the time or know-how to handle their Amazon listing optimization, this is a worthy investment.

For some people, one or the other out of this list is best to conquer their Amazon listing optimization task. When asked the question of which I think is best, I would typically say to take how much time you have to work on this optimization yourself into consideration, and if you can afford to outsource the job to a professional.

The above being said, I strongly believe that all the options listed above can help you make a level of headway. We will touch on Amazon listing optimization services in a little bit.

3 Top Amazon Listing Optimization Tools Worth Investing In

Investing in any excellent Amazon listing optimization tool has always been a worthy endeavor. Armed with a good one, you do not go in blind when beginning on the Amazon platform, or stay stuck in a situation of no or low sales.

If you have ever thought about investing in one of these Amazon listing optimization tools but didn't know which to go for, below are three of the best ones you can choose from.

1. IO Scout

amazon product title optimization

Io scout is that Amazon listing optimization tool that helps you out when you are undecided on what to sell on the Amazon platform.

This tool scours the entire Amazon platform, tracking and analyzing millions of products, to find you those winning products with low competition but high margins.

You can do so much more with this tool, and spying on your competition is one of them. You can keep track of their best selling products and even the hottest selling trends on the platform.

Instead of just going in blind with just about any product you can lay your hands on, you can do a deep dive into the Amazon database, and fork up the best products that would do well for you on the platform.

Using this tool isn't free, and it comes in three packages. These packages are tagged the start-up, seller, and business with price tags of $29, $49, and $69, respectively.

With each package comes with its set level of features, with the most expensive one having all the features, you need to get a solid hold on your Amazon listing optimization.

One other great thing about this tool is that though it isn't free, you are given the option of a free trial to let you decide if this tool is ideal for your Amazon listing optimization needs before you commit cash to it.

2. Jungle Scout

how to optimize amazon listings

Jungle scout is another great Amazon listing optimization tool, which aids you in the research of excellent products that would do well for you on the Amazon platform, estimate product sales volume, spy on your competition, and lots of other useful features.

The jungle scout's main features include the niche finder, product tracker, product database, keyword scout, etc.

You can't talk about Amazon listing optimization without talking about jungle scout. In terms of pricing, the jungle scout tool does vary based on the number of sales you make. That being said, the highest pricing is about $419, but that is for 10,000 orders and above.

3. Seller App

optimize amazon listing

A seller app tool is a tool developed by the Amazon platform to help you make your selling endeavors on the Amazon platform more seamless.

It is free to use and lets you do a wide range of things, including tracking orders, communicating with customers via email, re-pricing your entire inventory, editing your product photos, doing your Amazon listing, analyzing sales, and lots more.

If you are looking for a free to use app that is handy, and lets you work your Amazon store on the go, this app is your ultimate go-to.

There are lots more of these apps out that there you could benefit significantly from for your Amazon listing optimization endeavors. All you need do is ensure to pair each of their features with your Amazon listing optimization needs, and go with whichever suits those needs best.

Amazon Listing Optimization Services

We talked about employing the services of an Amazon listing optimization expert somewhere up there, and now, we would touch a little more on that, and ultimately tell you what to expect when you employ the services of these Amazon listing optimization experts. 

Like it was highlighted up there, you can also do your own Amazon listing optimization on your own from top to bottom.

The only problem with going on your own is that it usually takes a lot of time, and you need to do a lot of learning.

You would have to pour through tons of tips and tricks and test each of them out, till you get the hang of how to work your Amazon listing optimization effectively. It is all doable, but it is no walk in the park.

If you are someone who doesn't have the time to take on this ever-so-important task and can afford to get it professionally done, my advice would be to go for it.

Yes, there are a ton of fakes out there looking to rip people off of their hard-earned money by ultimately doing a terrible job of their Amazon listing optimization.

There are also excellent Amazon listing optimization experts out there that have a ton of positive reviews online, which can attest to the quality of their work.

When you pay one of these experts to work your Amazon listing optimization, what exactly do they do? I bet you are wondering.

The answer is that they do a long list of things which include:

  • Market and competition research
  • Amazon on-page SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Creating high target product titles and bullet points for your product features
  • Creating high target product descriptions, that do well to reel the would-be customers in some more
  • Some even go as far as giving you great tips and insights on what route to take with your product pictures.

The list above is just the surface level services that these Amazon listing optimization experts offer, as they do a lot more to ensure that you get the desired results. In a nutshell, investing in the services of an Amazon listing optimization expert has proven time and time again to be a worthwhile business investment.

If you can afford to get one on your side to help you, you should.

Final Thoughts

Your Amazon listing optimization is one thing that you cannot compromise on. Without the proper optimization of your product listing; you are literally lost under piles and piles of millions of products (scary, right?)

You could be on the platform for years and years, and have millions of people search for the same product you have for sale, but your paths never cross. With the tips listed in this article, you can make good headway with your Amazon listing optimization endeavors, but it wouldn't hurt to do some added research.

Whether it is going it on your own, or seeking help, I hope you find great success on this journey.

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