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Comprehensive Guide to Amazon Brand Registry for Sellers and Brands

20 Mar 21 Sat 04:09
Home Learning Hub Comprehensive Guide to Amazon Brand Registry for Sellers and Brands
Who can enroll for the Amazon Brand Registry program?
How can brands enroll in the program?
Is there any difference between Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 and other versions?
Why Should we Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry Program?
What is Amazon Brand Registry cost?
How you can get a trademark?
How long does it take to get a trademark registered?
Below are examples of trademarks that Amazon is currently accepting for enrollment:
Benefits of Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry Program
What is Transparency by Amazon?
What is Amazon Project Zero?
Already enrolled in the Brand Registry?

Brands that sell their products on the Amazon marketplace face different challenges that sometimes hinder their capability to market themselves successfully. Frustrations vary from being incapable of making modest changes to an item listing details to having another seller change the details to erroneous information. Luckily, Amazon has an answer to help guard brands from these very circumstances. Fortunately, this is where the idea of Amazon Brand Registry comes in.

Though this program has been in existence for many years, Amazon recently overhauled it in 2017.

The program is designed to help brands protect and optimize their product listings with additional tools for more success. Brands with their trademark already registered can enroll in the program. 

Who can enroll for the Amazon Brand Registry program?

amazon brand registry program

As the name suggests, Brand Registry is for a brand with registered and active trademarks who also sell on the Amazon marketplace.

Regardless of the kind of manufacturer, whether big or small, a manufacturer can gain complete control over their marketplace listings by registering its brand with Amazon.

Believe it or not, there are lots of incredible features and benefits of this exclusive scheme for all registered brands

Also, an authorized seller can start the process on behalf of a brand.

How can brands enroll in the program?

amazon brand registry requirements

Joining Amazon’s Brand Registry program is quite simple. To initiate the process, brands will need to make available to Amazon some information. You need the registration number of your brand's trademark. In these countries, you create and distribute your products, the different categories of products you sell, brand website, as well as the products, logo and packaging of your brand.

Amazon provides brands with an easy walk-through process to send the required information, afterwards of which an authentication code will be sent to the company that filed your trademark. This is done to ensure only the actual owners are able to register. After sending out the code, brands can then get in touch with their lawyers to get the code and send it to amazon – to complete the enrollment process. 

If the brand works with just a seller on the marketplace for distribution and selling, the seller can start the enrollment program on behalf of the brand. Brand registry control is surrendered at any time.

The scheme turns out to be highly crucial for brands that sell on Amazon Seller Central. Except with the support of the brand itself, a seller can lose out a lot in terms of sales. It is a platform to support sellers to:

  1. Add trademarked products
  2. Manage branded items
  3. Remove the brand’s imitated items in the marketplace
  4. Make sure that the info about the branded product on the listing page is accurate

Is there any difference between Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 and other versions?

Enrolling for the Amazon Brand Registry program allows brands to access the following:

  • Allow sellers to hunt quickly for any violations of brand rights
  • Gain access to predictive automation
  • Get control over the item listings

Get exclusive access

  1. Have access to – trademarked text and image search
  2. Provide greater support
  3. Provide improved protection
  4. Unlock many powerful tools

Why Should we Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry Program?

If a business or person is an Amazon marketplace Seller and produces or sells under his/her brand, joining the Amazon Brand Registry program is highly important. Apart from protecting the registered amazon trademarks of the brand, it also creates a dependable shopping experience for buyers.For guidance with Amazon Brand Registry Scheme, and, indeed, every question you may have about Amazon, you can check out IO Scout. Offering equal great functionality to the other tools available in terms of functionality, yet budget-friendly, IO Scout can offer your Amazon business a lot in terms of elevating success; and worthwhile expertise is gained from Amazon experts as your Personal Assistant.

What is Amazon Brand Registry cost?

Presently, there is no fee for enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry program. Though, you must have a registered and active trademark to qualify for a Brand Registry.

Getting a trademark for your brand or product can cost you between $225 to $400. These fees, however, depend on the class of protection you want to get for your brand or product.

How you can get a trademark?

To get a trademark for your product or brand, you’ll need to follow these steps: 

As soon as you have a logo and name, you’ll need to confirm that it is exclusive and that no other trademarks exist with the same name. You can verify this on the website of USPTO by doing an in-depth search using their approved database.

You will apply to a particular class for your trademark. This is like choosing a product category in Amazon, and it will state what kind of things will be under your registered brand. Its class will determine the cost of the trademark.

Get a certified trademark lawyer to file your trademark request. You can get lawyers providing this service online or in your local area.

How long does it take to get a trademark registered?

You may need to wait for at least a year to get a response from USPTO, as all the tasks you finish has its timeline

Eligibility Criteria for brand registry on Amazon

To qualify for an Amazon Brand Registry application, you must have registered and an active trademark in every country where you want to enroll.

The trademark for your brand needs to be in the form of an image-based mark with words or a text-based mark, numbers, or letters. Depending on the country where you registered your trademark, qualified trademarks can get different classifications according to the trademark office that issued them.

Below are examples of trademarks that Amazon is currently accepting for enrollment:

Tip: Amazon, at present, only takes marks issued by government trademark offices in Australia, United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, France, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and the European Union, United Arab Emirates. If you are from a country not listed here, you may need to talk to a lawyer in one of these countries to see how you can get a trademark.


  • The image-based mark also must be combined.
  • The text-based mark must be a word. This can be any plain or fancy.
  • The trademark body is IP Australia.
  • The trademark must be registered.


  • It must be a registered trademark
  • The image-based mark must be a device and can be combined.
  • The text-based mark also has to be a word.
  • The trademark organization for India is known as the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks.


  • The trademark organization is (Institut national de la propriété industrielle) and EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).
  • For EUIPO), the text-based mark must be Marque verbale (
  • The image-based mark also needs to be Marque figurative (for INPI) and Marque figurative comportant des éléments verbaux (for EUIPO) 
  • The trademark needs to be registered.


  • The trademark organization is EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and UIBM (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi).
  • Just like the above countries, amazon requires the trademark to be registered.
  • The image-based mark has to be Marchio figurativi a colori (for UIBM), Marchi figurativi contenenti elementi denominativi (for EUIPO), and Marchio figurativi (for UIBM)
  • The text-based mark has to be Marchio verbali (for UIBM) and Marchi denominativi ( for EUIPO) 


  • The image-based mark has to be Marca figurativa que contiene elementos denominativo (for EUIPO) and Marca figurativa (EUIPO) and Mixta - Denominativo con gráfico (for OEPM).
  • The text-based mark must a Marca denominative (for EUIPO).
  • Only registered trademark
  • The trademark organization is European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and OEPM (Oficina Espanola de Patentes y Marcas).


  • As usual, registered trademark only
  • The image-based mark has to be Wort-Bildmarke (for DPMA) and Bildmarke mit Wortelementen (for EUIPO).
  • The text-based mark must be a wortmarke.
  • The trademark organization is DPMA (Deutsches Patent und Markenamt) and EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) 

United Kingdom       

  • The trademark organization is the UK IPO (United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office) and EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).
  • The trademark should be registered.
  • The text-based mark has to be a word.
  • The image-based mark in the trademark has to be number with word (for EUIPO) and a figure (for UKIPO) 


  • Brazils trademark organization is called INPI (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial).
  • Amazon requires a registered and active trademark
  • The text-based mark must be a nominativa.
  • An image-based mark also needs to be Mista Contendo Elementos Nominativos.


  • The image-based mark has to be combined – text and design (innominada o Diseno + nominativa).
  • The text-based mark should be a nominativa.
  • The trademark organization for Mexico is called IMPI (Marcas Instituto Mexicano de Propiedad Industrial).
  • The trademark must be registered.


  • Canada trademark organization is called CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Property Office).
  • Only registered trademarks
  • The text-based mark can only be a word.
  • The image-based mark must be a design.

United States   

  • Trademark organization is the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Text-based marks are 1 –Word(s)/Letter(s)/Number(s) and four - Standard Character Mark.
  • The trademark must have a current registration in the principal record.
  • The image-based trademark should include a drawing that can have a word(s)/letter(s)/ number(s) in any formal form

Benefits of Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry Program

Shields the brand and products from hijack

One of the common fears of sellers on amazon marketplace is product and brand hijacking. Brands are wary of one random merchant hijacking their products. Amazon is a competitive and massive marketplace. With a vast seller base, thousands of sellers want to stay ahead and are ready to go the extra mile

However, with Amazon Registry, apart from allowing the brand to be registered, it also offers sole possession of the “Amazon Buy Box. “ Thus, even if somebody tries to take over the product, the actual or authorized seller can get in touch with Amazon's support to have such threat eliminated.

Gain total control on the product listings

A regular seller on amazon is usually under strict algorithmic requirements. But, with Amazon Brand Registry program, the rules are relaxed, and a seller has comprehensive control on the following:

  • Title of the product
  • Product Description
  • Product Image(s)
  • Substituting UPCs & EANs for product ID 
  • Reducing the “match “errors when listing the product

Accurate representation of the brand

Brand Registry gives sellers more control over product pages that use your brand name, so buyers will most likely see the precise information related with your brand.

Authoritative report and search features

Amazon streamlines the course of discovering cases of likely infringement with specialized features made specifically for brands:

  • Global search: Users can search on different amazon stores on the same screen without the need to navigate away. 
  • Image search: You can quickly find item listings on the marketplace that match your logo(s) or product(s) using images.
  • Bulk ASIN search: You can search for a list of product URLs or ASINs in bulk to discover and report content infringing. The tool allows users to enlarge image thumbnails so they can quickly identify infringements
  • Sort view of average customer assessments of ASINs to determine the popularity

After completing your search, Amazon Brand Registry provides you with a guided and simple workflow so that you can submit a report of possible infringements to Amazon for review and appropriate action.

Additional proactive brand protections

Along with Amazon’s standard proactive programs to protect customers, the Brand Registry uses data you make available on your brand to implement further predictive protections that try to find and get rid of potentially bad listings.

Telling Brand Registry more about your intellectual property and brand will enhance the protections Amazon can offer your brand– the more the better. For example:

  • Product listings that are not related to your brand and erroneously use your trademarked terms in their headings.
  • Images that include your logo, but are for items that don’t convey your brand name.
  • Vendor's shipping products from countries where you do not distribute or manufacture your brand.
  • Item listings being done with your brand name after already listing your full product catalog on Amazon

Brand-building benefits

Grow and build your business on the marketplace by taking advantage of tools like Enhanced Stores, Sponsored Brands, Brand Content, and the Brand Dashboard.

Engage customers with your brand

Being registered as a brand also means getting access to features that will make you unique from the crowd.

Videos and Storefronts will immediately legitimize your business and add value to your brand:

  • Product Video: Unlike sellers not listed in the registry, sellers with registered brands can include product videos in their listings. This will be a big boost to your conversions as buyers get clarity on what your product is and how it works. If you get the video done professionally, this could turn out to be the reason a buyer pressing the ‘Add to Cart’ button instead of walking away.
  • Amazon Storefronts: Stores are regularly made up of one or more pages, with every page including a header and footer wrapped around many contents. And when you decide to build a store, the easy step-by-step process is so seamless; you won’t need any special skills to do it!

Sponsored brands

Another way registered brands can take advantage of the registry is through Sponsored Brands. These are ads that visitors see on the top of the page when searching on Amazon.

You can use these ads to help promote the reach of your brand, using customized messaging to help buyers see your brand in a way you want

Customers are already looking for your product, so this is the best way to gain their attention and win them over.

When shoppers click on your logo or brand name, Amazon will take them to your storefront instantly. Or, if the click is on your product, they are sure landing on your product page immediately.

This feature comes at a fee, though.

Then Amazon will only charge you when a customer clicks the ad, and brands can set both max bid per click and a daily budget. 

Amazon live creator

This is another Good news! If you’ve ever sought to engage your customers directly, now you can include an interactive, Live stream video to your brand strategy.

This is a new addition to the Amazon Brand Registry program that allows sellers to share a story about their brand, eventually reaching more buyers on Amazon.

Perhaps your product would gain from a live demonstration, or possibly you just need to have the capability to tête-à-tête live with potential customers to reply to any question.

Whichever way, the advantages of this tool are never-ending if you’re prepared for your close-up.

Just download the iOS mobile app of Amazon Live Creator to get started. Then choose the products you need to feature in the Live stream, and go live through your iPhone camera, or attach to an external camera through a video encoder).

And to have an idea of the content you are making, and to know how powerful of a tool it is, go to, where you can locate live streams.

Shoppers will now be able to find your live streams across and the Amazon app, from your Amazon Store to your product listings, to different placements where buyers are browsing.

Understand your customers

To successfully reach your customers using very benefit of the Brand Registry, it is essential you know those you are dealing with

Knowing the metrics of your customer base will, in due course, guide your choices concerning if and in what way you’ll use each of the services and tools available to you.

Brand analytics

You can discover this new feature by checking the Brand Benefits on the Brand Control panel, or by tracing it under Reports on the significant navigation bar.

Brand Analytics pull together customer purchase and search behavior data to help you enhance your business operations.

What is Transparency by Amazon?

Amazon also widely launched Transparency, a product-level authentication facility that helps brands proactively recognize and stop counterfeits from reaching shoppers. As of 2020, Transparency is still available in the United Kingdom, Germany, the US, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, and India.

How to enroll in the transparency program

 To sign up for the Transparency program on amazon, you will need:

  • The capability to confirm yourself as the brand holder for your products.
  • A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), for example, an EAN or UPC bar code on your products.
  • The ability to put unique Transparency codes on every single unit of product you manufacture.

Ready to apply? Visit Transparency for more info.

What is Amazon Project Zero?

amazon brand registry application

Project Zero pulls the combined strengths of brands and Amazon to drive imitations to zero through these three processes: 

Automated protections

Powered by machine learning technologies of Amazon, computerized protections unceasingly scan Amazon’s stores and proactively eliminate suspected counterfeits. Brands make available important data points about themselves (e.g., logos, trademarks, etc.), and Amazon scans more than 5 billion every day listing update attempts, searching for likely counterfeits.

Self-service counterfeit removal

Brands and sellers don’t need to contact Amazon again to remove fake listings from their stores. In its place, they have the unique ability to do so on their own using the innovative self-service feature. Amazon also uses this data to strengthen its automated protections to better catch potential counterfeit listings proactively in the future.

Product serialization 

Brands apply an exclusive code on every single unit they manufacture for a registered product, allowing Amazon to X-ray and verify the genuineness of all products bought in Amazon’s stores. With this feature, Amazon can spot and halt counterfeiting for every single product unit before the customer receives the product. 

Project Zero is presently an invite-only program. You can visit the website to join the wish list. 

Already enrolled in the Brand Registry?

Brand owners who have registered before April 30, 2017, will need to reapply to enjoy the new benefits of the program. Sellers and brand owners should try and apply for the Amazon Brand Registry Program.

Currently, Amazon has an international team of investigators that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to reply to and leap in on notices of possible infringement.

Amazon investigates and takes action on over 95% of potential infringement notices received from brands within eight hours.

These days, the Amazon Seller Brand Registry program unlocks a robust set of features and plans for confirmed brand owners to not only protect intellectual property but also grow their business and boost their brand presence on Amazon.

Explore the most powerful tools to kickstart & grow your Amazon FBA business.