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A Review of FBA Toolkit Features

20 Feb 26 Wed 08:31
Home Reviews A Review of FBA Toolkit Features
FBA Toolkit Review
Main Features
FBA Toolkit Pricing

The Amazon FBA is a great program for Amazon sellers. It has made running Amazon business much easy, allowing even those with other businesses to run Amazon business as a way of generating extra income.

With Amazon FBA, sellers can sell items without having to do much work. This is because Amazon does most of the tasks on behalf of the sellers. That's why FBA is more preferred than FBM. It allows sellers to focus on how to improve their business as the Amazon team takes care of their business.

Once a seller has shipped his item to FBA, the Amazon team takes over the task of preparing the items. They receive customer orders on behalf of the seller, prepare the items and ship them to customers. They do a follow up to ensure items reach customers safely. In case issues arise, the Amazon team handles them.

FBA is a heavy investment. There are FBA costs that sellers incur for joining the program. Due to this, the seller needs to put in effort to ensure that their investment doesn't go into waste. One of the ways is to use software tools to run FBA business. The FBA toolkit is an example of such a tool. It automates most of the tasks that FBA sellers do. The amazon fba toolkit comes with a number of features that FBA sellers can take advantage of to take their FBA business to the next level. There are, of course, many alternatives to Amazon's FBA Toolkit to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries. One of them is IO Scout an all-in-one solution tool , which even includes your own Personal Assistant! All at a very competitive price point, compared to other similar tools.

FBA Toolkit Review

FBA Toolkit is a set of tools for Amazon FBA sellers. The tool comes with a number of features that FBA sellers can use to run smooth FBA businesses. It makes the work of collecting and analyzing FBA data easy. It can tell a seller the number of sales made in a day for a certain niche category. It's a good tool for shoppers who need to make a purchase decision. It shows shoppers current available offers, discounts etc. This helps them make sound shopping decisions. It's also a good tool for product tracking.

Main Features

Let's discuss the main features of fba tool kit:

Sales Rank

There are millions of items on sale on Amazon. These items are sold by different sellers. Amazon has divided these items into categories. Different items may belong to same or different categories. This makes the management of items easy. A buyer or a seller doing research about a category can go straight to that category and asses the items in that category.

With the sales rank feature of this fba tool, a seller can tell the number of sales that are made in a particular category on any particular day. This is useful when determining the best category of items to be selling. The seller will definitely want to know the best category of item that they should sell on Amazon for more sales and more profits. Of course, items in different categories sell differently. some attract more sales, others attract less sales. Knowing the category of items that attract more sales is of importance to any potential Amazon seller.

With this feature, one can compare the performance of different items on Amazon. It's also a good feature for comparing the performance of different categories on Amazon. Any seller who wants to sell on Amazon must use fba toolkit. The sales rank feature can help them know the best item to sell on Amazon. An item that sales more means that it will generate more revenue. The seller has the potential of earning more profits selling that item.

fba tool kit

Product research is an essential task for Amazon sellers. Every seller should engage in this before beginning to sell their items on Amazon. The kind of item a seller decides to sell on Amazon determines their success or failure on the platform. Selling the right item means the seller higher chances of recording success. Selling the wrong item means the seller has high chances of recording failure. No seller wants to fail. The FBA Toolkit saves sellers from falling into it.

The sales rank feature of fba tool kit is usable for free. If you need to know the total sales made for an item in a day, you search by item's Amazon rank. Currently, the feature allows sellers to estimate the number of sales for items that belong to these categories:

  • Home & Kitchen
  • Cell Phones & Accessories
  • Toys & Games
  • Home Improvement
  • Beauty
  • Arts, Crafts & Sewing
  • Musical Instruments
  • Watches
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Pet Supplies
  • Patio, Lawn & Garden
  • Office Products
  • Grocery & Gourmet Food
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Automotive

Simply visit the category of interest, enter the rank and click Go.

After clicking the Go button, the sales estimation for the item will be returned.

Price List Analysis

Both buyers and sellers should analyse the price behavior of an item. The price list analysis feature of fbatoolkit allows them to analyze the price behavior of an item. It requires them to upload an fba spreadsheet with a list of UPCs, EANs, or ASINs, and an optional cost per product value. The tool in turn generates a report with data that makes your decision making process much simple.

If you are a buyer, you will get information that ill help you make sound purchasing decisions. It will make it easy for you to choose the right item to purchase. It's a great feature as it helps you land the best deal when purchasing an item.


If you are a seller, price list analysis feature will show competing offers for an item, the estimated sales rate depending on sales rank feature, the item's profit and its markup. After analyzing the pricing for an item, the seller can seller whether its viable to sell the item or not. Don't forget that the feature shows the expected profits to earn from an item. When you know the profitability of an item, it's easy to decide whether it's viable to sell or not. This will ensure that you sell the right item and run a profitable Amazon business.

It's a powerful feature since it shows the profit a seller should expect for selling an item at its current price. Note that the calculation of the profit involves the consideration of FBA's commission and other types of fees incurred when selling on Amazon. This means that profit estimation by the price list analysis feature of FBA Toolkit is accurate. At the end of it, if you sell the item at that price, you will get the same amount of profit as the estimated one. You won't be shocked of new charges on the sales, which can surprise and leave you earning less than you expected.

Each user is given an opportunity to research up to 100 items each day for free. You simple have to know the item's ASIN, UPC or UAN and use it to determine its pricing features. This will give you more insights into the profitability of item. If you need to be researching more than 100 items daily, you can subscribe for a paid version of fbatoolkit. Note that you will have to choose a plan from the many options that they offer.

Product Tracker

with the product tracker feature of this fba tool, you can track the traders of a particular item. You can track the price and stock levels for sellers of a particular item of interest. If you need to track your competitors, this tool will help you achieve it.

As you know, Amazon attracts millions of sellers. You will find thousands of sellers selling a similar item like yours on Amazon. There is competition on Amazon. You have to come up with creative ways to help you stay at the top of your competitors. That's why you must keep tracking the shifts and movements of other similar or related items on Amazon.

The price of an item is very important. Amazon shoppers are looking for the best deals on Amazon. They want to save money when making purchases on Amazon. One of the ways to save money is by looking for cheaper items. The remaining or saved money can help them make more purchases, or they can use it for future purchases. That's why you must compare the price of your item in relation to that of your competitors.

With the product tracker, you can always stay updated in terms of the relationship between the price of your item and those of your competitors. You can take advantage of shifts in the prices of your competitor' items to adjust the price of your item. This will help you keep your item competitive at all times.

fba spreadsheet

The tool will alert you when the prices of the items you are interested in changes. You have to know the items you are interested in, then feed them into the product tracker. It will begin to track their price movements immediately. When the prices of those items change, you will be notified immediately. You can then advantage of that to adjust your item's price to suit the needs of your shoppers. If the other sellers raise their prices, you can choose to sell your item at an optimal price. You will have high chances of attracting more customers to your item, making more sales.

Stock tracking is also important for any FBA seller. With the product tracker feature of fba tool kit, you can track the inventory level for your item as well as that of your competitors. The product tracker tool can help you track the inventory level of your item. When the stock for your item is running out, it will notify you immediately. You will then take the right item of ordering for more stock from your supplier in time. This will ensure that your item will never run out of stock and that you will never miss to make sales because your item is out of stock. You can tell when your competitor's item will be low in stock or out of stock completely. You can take advantage of this to make more sales for your item. You simply have to stock your item more and shoppers will purchase it. By the time your competitor restocks their item, you will have made many sales and generated much revenue. This will also help improve the seller rank for your item.

Sales tracking is an important task for any FBA seller. You need to be able to tell the amount of sales that you have made on each particular day, or after any particular period of time. This should tell you more about the performance of your item on Amazon. With the product tracker feature of fba tool kit, you can track the rate of sales for your item. With such information, you can tell how well or bad your item is performing on Amazon. If the item is fetching poor sales, you can investigate to know where the problem is with your item.

The tools allows tracing of competitors' sales. Knowing how your competitors' items are performing is also essential. This will help you do a comparison between the performance of your item and that of your competitors' items. After knowing the competitor whose item is performing better by attracting more sales, you can do a research to know the strategy that they are using to achieve this. You can investigate the keywords the seller is using, the price they've set for their item and other details. You can then customize your item to include such keywords and related price. It will become more visible to shoppers, increasing its chances of being seeing and purchased.

FBA Toolkit Pricing

The fbatoolkit fba tool provides its users with 5 pricing plans. These plans cost users different and also offer different features. When you visit their pricing page, you will find a message stating that they can cancel your subscription for any of the plans if it's necessary for them to do so. In such a case, you won't receive partial or full refunds for your item.

The fba tool kit plans include the following:

  • Scouter plan
  • Starter plan
  • Business plan
  • Entreprise plan
  • Elite plan.

fba toolkit review

Let's discuss them one-by-one:

Scouter Plan

This plan is only available to the users. Users in other Amazon marketplaces cannot use this plan. It allows its users to track up to 10 items at a time. This means that one can only keep monitoring the movements of 10 items in term of prices, sales, ranking etc. If the seller wants to price more than 10 items at a time, this is not the right plan for them.

The Scouter plan costs its sellers only $5 monthly. However, the users get to use the tool for free for 1 month. The user gets up to 100 price list rows each day. This means that the seller can analyze the prices of 100 items each day. To analyze the prices of items and track them, you need to capture their details. The item's barcodes can be used to get these details. With the scouter plan, a user can scan up to 1000 bar codes of items each day. All items that are being tracked can be accessed or seen at the official fbatoolkit website at Here, you will see all the details of all items that are being tracked and reports of the data that has been obtained so far.

Starter Plan

This plan is only accessible to the users. Users in other amazon marketplaces cannot subscribe for this plan. It costs each users $50 monthly. A user can use this plan if they need to track up to 250 items at a time. This is a great improvement from the 100 items in the scouter plan.

The user is given 1000 price list rows daily, meaning that they can analyze the prices of up to 1000 items each day. With this plan, you can also get item details by scanning their barcodes. It allows users to scan up to 500 items each day, gaining access into more details about each item. All the items the seller is tracking are accessible on the official fbatoolkit website at The seller can choose the item whose details they need to see and know what has already been tracked.

Business Plan

Again, this plan is only available to users of the marketplaces. Users from other Amazon marketplaces cannot subscribe for this plan. It costs the users $250 monthly.

The user is allowed to track up to 2500 items each month. This is a huge number for a serious FBA seller. It will give insights to the seller about how other items are performing, helping the seller craft strategies that will help them keep up with the competition.

The user can view prices of up to 5000 items in a day, all organized into rows. This is great the seller will know the prices of many other items, helping them adjust their item's price accordingly.

To know the details of various items, the user can scan the barcodes of the items. This can be done for up to 1000 items daily. You only need to install mobile app and begin to scan the items right from your mobile device.

At any time, you can access the details of the items you are tracking from their official website found at You will get the details or the data that has been obtained from tracking the item so far.

Entreprise Plan

This is great plan for Amazon sellers as it can be accessed from up to 8 Amazon marketplaces. These include :

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • France
  • Mexico.

At any particular time, the user can choose up to 1000 items that the tool will be tracking. The seller can also see the price lists for up to 15,000 items daily. The seller will be able to know the range of price for items related to his item and set the right price for their item.

To get the details of various items, the seller can scan up to 2000 barcodes of different items, provided they have installed the FBA Toolkit app on their mobile device. The seller will get support from the fba tool kit team as well as some training on how to use the app and its features.

Other features sellers using this plan enjoy include access to the details of items being tracked on, extended reports and API access and merchant sales volume.

Elite Plan

This plan is great as it is accessible from 8 Amazon marketplaces including:

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • France
  • Mexico.

The user can be tracking up to 3000 items at a time. It also shows up to 5000 price lists for items organized into rows. The seller can scan up to 5000 barcodes of different items to get their details. Users also gain access to historical data, telling them about performance of different items. Other features include merchant sales volume, API access, access to tracked items on, extended reports, support and training.


The FBA Toolkit is a great tool for both sellers and buyers on Amazon. For sellers, it can help them identify the right item to sell on Amazon right before beginning their Amazon selling journey. This will ensure that they sell the right item on Amazon, increasing their chances of running a successful Amazon business. For buyers, they can compare the prices of various items being sold when making purchase. This will help them land the best possible deal, helping them save money for making more purchases. When sellers compare prices of different Amazon items, they can know the best price to sell their item for.

With the fba tool kit, a seller can track the performance of related items on Amazon. Basically, these are items sold by competitors. Any movements can be tracked, helping the seller know when to take advantage of weaknesses associated with the competitors.

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